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10 reasons Jews should vote for Joe Biden

1. Joe Biden is a mensch

Joe Biden will make your bubbie kvell. He’s caring and engaging. Most of all, he loves helping others and treats everyone he meets with respect. 

2. Joe Biden helped fund the creation of Iron Dome

As Vice President, Joe Biden was part of the administration that financed the development of Iron Dome, the short-range missile defense system that saved countless Israeli lives by shooting rockets fired from Gaza out of the sky. 

3. Joe Biden knows Israel firsthand

Biden first visited Israel in 1973 when he was a freshman senator. He’s visited many times since and has spoken repeatedly about the importance of US support for Israel, saying things such as “The United States will constantly and forever have Israel’s back.” 

4. Joe Biden has participated in more AIPAC Policy Conferences than any major party candidate for president, ever. 

Sure, it’s largely a result of serving so many years in office. Still, Biden has been a regular speaker and participant in AIPAC’s annual gathering for decades. He’s never shied away from his support for America’s leading pro-Israel grassroots lobbying organization, even when others did. 

5. Joe Biden won’t use Israel as a political football  

Joe Biden understands the importance of a strong, secure, and prosperous Israel. His decades of support for the Jewish state are evident. Unlike President Trump, who has tried to turn Israel into a partisan issue, Joe Biden will applaud the strong bipartisan support Israel enjoys in Congress and work across party lines to support our friend and ally. 

6. Joe Biden helped secure $38 billion in US aid for Israel’s defense

In 2016, Israel and the United States entered into a 10-year memorandum of understanding (MOU), which provides Israel with $3.3 billion a year in defense aid and an additional $500 million a year in ballistic missile defense. This is the largest foreign aid agreement in US history. Joe Biden helped ensure it passed and was executed before he left office as Vice President. 

7. Joe Biden will make America stronger around the world

Joe Biden understands the importance of a strong America, leading by example. Anyone who supports Israel knows that a strong America is critical to a strong Israel. Donald Trump’s recklessness and rhetoric have led some of our key allies to ignore us and our wishes. That hurts Israel.

8. Joe Biden will fight to renew the global arms ban on Iran 

As Vice President, Joe Biden helped negotiate the Iran deal (which I opposed), which included a ban on arms sales to Iran. Due to Donald Trump’s lack of understanding of global politics and willingness to throw our friends and allies under the bus, his attempts to renew the arms ban against Iran failed. Two weeks ago, it expired, making Israel and our global allies less safe. Joe Biden will get back to the negotiating table to see that the arms ban is renewed. 

9. Joe Biden believes the only path to peace is direct negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians 

For his entire career, Joe Biden has been an advocate for a two-state solution that secured Israel’s safety and is negotiated directly by Israel and the Palestinian leadership. He will use the respect he garners worldwide to bring the two sides back to the negotiating table to achieve peace and long-term stability in the region. 

10. Joe Biden picked a pro-Israel Vice President 

Kamala Harris has only served four years in the US Senate. It took her mere days to cosponsor we first piece of pro-Israel legislation. The first piece of legislation she added her name to was a resolution opposing the Obama administration’s decision not to veto a UN Security Council resolution which condemned Israeli settlements on historically Jewish lands. She has participated in every AIPAC Policy Conference during her time in the US Senate. Senator Harris regularly speaks about how visiting the Israeli Supreme Court has inspired her during her career. 

BONUS: Purim is going to be lit at the White House 

Let’s be real here. Doug Emhoff is going to be the first Jewish spouse of a President or Vice President. He’s been to my heavily Jewish neighborhood twice in the last six weeks, including to lead a rabbi roundtable discussion. Jewish holidays will get a bit more attention with a Jewish man living in high-end government housing. Having those holidays celebrated and having the nation’s most powerful Black woman in its history celebrating Jewish tradition and values in her own home can only serve to benefit the perception of Jews and Israel among a group of Americans who otherwise may not be exposed to our culture. (And if America’s Mamala is reading this, I’d love an invite to try some of your homemade latkes)

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