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10 reasons why liberals should oppose the Iran deal

Having spoken to thousands of Jews visiting Israel this summer one thing is clear, world Jewry is divided over the Iran deal.

By presenting the Iran deal as the alternative to war, Obama has split young, liberal American Jewry who support Israel and oppose more US intervention. To oppose the deal, the argument says, is to encourage the next conflict in the region.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that Iran deal is likely to be bring the next war closer. For that reason alone, young Democrats should oppose it.

Here are ten reasons why Democrats should oppose the Iran deal because they are liberal.

1.  When the deal was first conceived the idea was to prevent Iran getting the a nuclear bomb. In it’s final form Iran will get the bomb in ten years. Obama’s reassurances sound very familiar. Checkout Clinton’s speech on North Korea. North Korea later became a nuclear power

2. If Iran disagrees with inspectors visiting sites, inspections can be delayed for up to three weeks. More problematic is that Iran will be able to provide soil for inspectors to examine.

3. Iran is committed to the destruction of Israel and the US and will get the means to carry it out.

4 The deal will lead to nuclear proliferation in the region

5.  Sanctions will be lifted whether or not Iran complies with the deal. $150 billion will be offered as a deposit. If five percent of that amount is paid to Hezbullah, That’s a lot of spare cash.

6. For inspections to be effective, Iran needs to be transparent about its previous nuclear activity. That is no longer necessary or a prerequisite.

7.  Within five years an arms embargo on Iran will be lifted and within eight years Iran will be able to be sold ballistic weapons.

8.  The ink on the deal is not dry and Iran is cheating. Despite a  travel ban Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani has just visited Moscow ignoring the fact that he is prohibited from leaving Iran by the United Nations Security Council sanctions.

9.  A bad deal is better than no deal doesn’t make sense. If you want to rent an apartment and the landlord offers you a bad deal. Would you apply the same accept or refuse the deal?

10. Iran oppresses its own people. A people that are far more progressive than the regime.

Iran is not just a threat to Israel, it is a threat to the values we all stand for.

Who supports it in the region? Hezbollah, Assad of Syria and J Street of course.

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