10 Things To Expect From Gindi’s Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2015

As Israel faces a new wave of security threats, life in the country goes on. Despite the ongoing tension, the most awaited cultural event of the month is set to take place next week — of course, I am referring to Gindi’s Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

This year’s edition of the event sees head producer Motty Reif giving a taste of the well-established, hip, Tel Avivian fashion scene, as well as putting a spotlight on the new generation of designers operating in Israel. The highlight of the Week, however, is rumored to be the opening gala, during which Shenkar College’s Fashion Design department will be celebrated for receiving the title of fifth most influential fashion school in the world.


I will be covering #TLVFW for the German and Italian press and I am looking forward to seeing which surprises Motty Reif and his team hold for us. In the meanwhile, I listed 10 of the things we can expect from the event:

1. Maskit’s local-meets-global/now-meets-then designs. Who would have thought that Ruth Dayan, 96, would (successfully) re-launch her brand after so many years? Maskit is soaked with history and yet is constantly striving for a spot in an aggressive, evolving industry.

2. A squad of brand new designers ready to launch their careers from the most prestigious runway on the Mediterranean. Watch out!

3. (People saying, “The collection is so fresh.”)

4. Marcelo Burlon’s multimillion dollar male fashion brand — including a couple tees that many L.A. rappers and basketball players are likely to wear this winter.

U.S. basketball player DeAndre Jordan wearing Marcelo Burlon at a movie premiere in Los Angeles (2013).
U.S. basketball player DeAndre Jordan wearing Marcelo Burlon at a movie premiere in Los Angeles (2013).

5. A series of Fash&Tech events for the geeks who wear Margiela and the fashionistas who speak HTML.

6. (People saying, “I could feel the Middle Eastern vibe. You know?”. Yes, I do know. You’re in the Middle East, baby.)

7. Dodo Bar Or’s show, probably the most awaited of the event. Dodo, who’s been recently interviewed by Vogue Paris, is presenting her new collection, and you can bet you’ll feel the Middle Eastern vibe.

Opal Mni Dress by Dodo Bar Or (Photo from Dodo Bar Or's website.)
Opal Mini Dress by Dodo Bar Or (Photo from Dodo Bar Or’s website.)

8. A thrilling who’s-who: is that PM Yitzchak Rabin’s granddaughter? And is that Bar Refaeli? OMG!

9. (People saying, “Amazing… simply amazing.”)

10. Last but not least, dozens of foreign journalists will be flying into Tel Aviv to attend the event. Keep your eyes open while going out for drinks on Dizengoff, you might bump into a Vogue editor!

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