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100 blessings a day keep the doctor away

In the Bible book of Exodus (Shmot in Hebrew), the largest number of pages and verses is given to the concept of a Tabernacle or Temple.

What is so important, that the Bible in which every word is Holy needed to spend so much time on the subject.

Here are some to the points that the Oral Bible or Torah teaches as the reasons why.

The sages teach that the commandment to construct a home for G‑d includes the directive to construct a figurative home for G‑d within every person. From this perspective, the detailed descriptions of the Temple and its furniture, which comprise almost five portions in the Torah, have a spiritual equivalence within ourselves.

The structure of the Tabernacle itself was a conduit for divine blessings.

The Sanctuary was built of three components. The walls were made of ten-cubit-tall wooden beams, the beams were supported by silver sockets, and the roof was composed of coverings made of wool and animal skins. To build the figurative Temple within ourselves, we need to find the beams, coverings, and sockets within our soul and dedicate them to the service of G‑d.

The one hundred [silver talents] were used to cast the bases for the Sanctuary and the cloth partition. There were a total of one hundred bases made out of the one hundred talents, one talent for each base.” (Ex. 39:27)

One hundred bases were needed for the foundation of the Tabernacle; the same as the (minimum) number of blessings a Jew is supposed to make each day. (Talmud Menachot 43b and Tur Orach Chaim #46) Just as the bases were the foundation of the Tabernacle, the one hundred blessings are the foundation of the Jewish People and its sanctity.

The bases are called “adonim”, which is related to “adon” as in the phrase “Adon Olam”, “Master of the World”. Just as the one hundred bases upheld the Tabernacle, which testified to G‑d’s presence in the world, making one hundred blessings each day serves to bring a Jew to profound G‑d awareness. And today we can still build a Tabernacle, a dwelling place for G‑d in our hearts, by being mindful to make one hundred blessings every day. [Chidushei HaRim Al HaTorah- U’Moadim – Rabbi Yitzchak Meir of Gur p.145]

“The Heavens are the heavens of G-d, but the earth He has given to the children of Men (Psalms 115:16) is the description of the world before blessings, and the verse, ” The Earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof,” is after the blessings.

Why? A world devoid of blessings is a world without any connections between the finite and the infinite. By making the blessing, G-d’s creations magnificently and miraculously come together. If the Bible has one urgent message, it is the sanctification of our physical world. Animals and people both eat and have Sex. The job of the Jew (not the Gentile-their job is to follow the seven Noahite laws) is to sanctify the physical world.

For Jews, the divine and the physical meet in an eternal dialogue, and the first expression of that dialogue in the 100 blessings a day that we make.

And now for a little humor since we are always undergoing tests:

A Couple of Tests

Little Moishie Grossman was saddened by the fact that his Zadie was in the hospital. So he decided to write Zadie a “get well soon” card. Inside the card he wrote:

Dear Zadie,

Mommy tells me that you went to the hospital for some tests. I hope you get straight “A’s”!

Love, Moishie

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