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1001 Palestinian Nights

How a peace activist tells us stories

Read this interview. The less you know about Israel, the more you’ll be impressed. Especially Jews not trained in hasbara because we’re so naïve.

Then, read the following great number of points that show clearly that the sweet-talking self-identified Palestinian peace activist isn’t what he seems.

I’m not claiming that it sounds too good to be true. I’m not saying that his story is not the whole story. I’m showing you, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

It’s one thing to bring hasbara to counter angry liars about Israel. But no less important is to point out the lies of any sweet-talking con artists.

Reading the lengthy interview with the multinational entrepreneur, one sees he doesn’t want peace. What he really wants is for Barghouti (the mass murderer) and Dachlan (the prime Abbas critic) to take over the Palestinian leadership and a Palestinian State next to Israel—first lie.

He is never tired of equalizing Israelis and Palestinians. Both see each other as enemies. “Both sides need to return to moderation.” Blab bla bla. Sounds so hopeful. It’s not. The Palestinian side was never moderate. In the first place, he fails to acknowledge that Jew-hatred alone is responsible for all trouble. Remember Trump’s “Very nice people—on both sides”?

Then, unbelievably, he blames the PA leadership (Abbas) dictatorial reign on … you guessed it: Israel. We keep Abbas in charge because it’s better than nothing. And October 7 he blames on … a deal breaker if there ever was one … on Israel trying to control Gaza. Unbelievable. We gave them independence, they tried to mass murder us, and we dared to object.

He says he’s well-connected with 90% of Israel’s Jewish political leaders and knows them better than they know themselves because they don’t talk to each other. That shows him as an outsider, or at least, he uses a stereotype the innocent public might believe in if they don’t know Israeli politics in depth. Lapid and Netanyahu may say nasty things about each other to journalists and TV crews, but they still talk to each other.

Beware of all the pipe dreams, fairytales, mirages, and fraud.

He doesn’t talk about the billions of aid stolen by all Palestinian leaders. He ignores that the problem is not being Arab or Muslim but extremist Islam. He doesn’t even acknowledge Jews and Muslims. He doesn’t talk about the Jew-hatred among the populations on the West Bank and in Gaza and how that is much less among the Muslims who live generations already in democratic Israel. He ignores the lessons to be learned from failed peace processes and Oct. 7. He doesn’t point out that even Muslim-Israeli Members of Knesset are unwilling to take responsibility. Let’s solve that first. He doesn’t differentiate between the different Gentile groups in Israel. He doesn’t acknowledge Israeli Muslims who are worthy members of society. Because he only wants his terrorist friends in the saddle.

He says that Abbas incites against Israel because he’s stupid. That’s not stupid. He hates Jews. He ignores that hostility of some Arab leaders around Israel and the hatred in some populations alongside Israel. He ignores there is no space and no need for a Palestinian State when you appreciate Jews. He doesn’t seem to want all Jews dead. But he wants all Palestinians under his thumb. He doesn’t specify a democratic Palestine.

Elsewhere, he argues that the creation of a Palestinian State “would isolate Iran’s proxies and agents in the region.” How would that stop (nuclear) Iran, Chamas, Islamic Jihad, Chezbollah, the Houthis, Turkey, and their allies from trying to destroy the Jewish State? Obviously, it would not.

He writes about the devastation of Gaza (we never sought war) and completely ignores the over a million Israelis driven from their homes by rockets from Gaza and Chezbollah—to target civilians is a war crime. When Chamas’s human shields die, that’s collateral damage, not targeting civilians. The IDF transported over a million Gazans out of harm’s way, to the chagrin of Chamas. This ‘peace activist’ has no praise for the IDF.

He also reported he journeyed to K’far Aza to pay his condolences “on behalf of myself and Palestinians, to share with the Israelis the grief, sadness, and sorrow of [sic] everything that has happened since that dark day.” Who made him a spokesperson for “Palestinians”? No condemnation of the pogrom. Is heartbroken about “everything that has happened since [sic] that dark day.” Missing is: “on that dark day.”

“We both need to acknowledge the moral responsibility of our actions and of actions committed by members of our communities. We Palestinians have the moral responsibility of whatever was done on October 7 by any Palestinian in our name, and with that same logic, Israelis bear the moral responsibility of all the civilian losses and destruction that is still happening in Gaza today.” As if Jews should apologize for all WWII German deaths.

“Now, and before it is too late, we have a small window to end all the madness and exit toward peace. All the stars are aligning now. The International community has placed the Middle East at the top of its agenda with unprecedented diplomatic efforts to push all sides toward new political horizons. The Saudis signaled clearly their intention to normalize with Israel, and all the other Arab countries including Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE are willing to be engaged into a new regional arrangement that will be able to guarantee security to Israelis and national aspirations to Palestinians. The time for peace is now.” And now reality.

Chamas attacked after Abbas protested the Saudis wanting to make peace with Israel. “How about us?” There is no Israeli madness—speak for yourself. The Palestinian dictators and Jew-haters around the world try to use world opinion and the “International community” to push for a terror state next to Israel. Chamas is not pushed at all. No, a time of peace comes after dismantling Chamas, Islamic Jihad, Chezbollah, the Houthis, Iran, etc.

To hell with consistency. One-and-a-half year ago he said: “Facts on the ground do not support two states living side by side [anymore].”

On Economic peace, he wrote two years ago: “A Myth Distancing Peace and Prolonging the Occupation: The slogan “shrinking the conflict” aims at strengthening the occupation by prioritizing Israel’s interests and its expansionist policy over the attainment of Palestinian rights.” Does that sound like a peace activist? The article was removed but this intro not.

Only three years ago, he threatened an intifada. The WWW’s memory.

Before October 7, he did use the word pogrom. It was about ‘settlers’ allegedly (he had no facts) murdering one Arab. He lied that Israeli Arabs were not welcome at the demonstrations against the legal reforms by the government. Well, I saw them, even with ISIS flags. He has no shame.

Even three days ago, he didn’t have one straight answer to: Why can’t you just say that it’s wrong for the PA to pay salaries to the families of terrorists? How can three people who are not even in Ramallah or the West Bank be part of an alternative Palestinian leadership? The security forces of Fatah / PA cannot deal with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Tulkarm or Nablus [DG—in Judea Samara, West Bank]. Why would they be able to deal with Hamas in Gaza? Given what happened on October 7, how can the Israeli public possibly trust the Palestinians? Why was there not one Palestinian leader who on October 7th stood up and denounced the attacks? If you and your group were to win the Palestinian Presidency, what would you change? You say that Hamas should give its weapons over to the new Palestinian leadership in Gaza? Do you think they would actually do that? Why would Hamas let you rule Gaza? Why wouldn’t they fight against you, too? If we get out of Gaza and rockets start flying over my head again, what should we do? Just stay out? It wasn’t Israel that tossed Fatah out of Gaza; it was Hamas. How could Israel be certain that Hamas wouldn’t throw out whoever tries to rule Gaza? (See below clip.)

He speaks so removed from reality that he credits Sadat (alone) for coming to the Knesset and warming Israelis’ hearts. Begin, he fails to remark. He doesn’t mention that Begin could not travel to Egypt. Sadat didn’t change us. We never had trouble with Muslims. Many Muslims could not stand us.

He claims that both sides teach their children to hate the other side. Big difference. Palestinian side: Live to kill Jews. Jews: Never trust a Goy. He says a baby that died on Oct. 7 and that dies now in Gaza are both tragedies. Yes, but the prior one was targeted, while the latter one was an accident or purposely used by Chamas and Islamic Jihad as human shield.

He lies, lies, and lies. The Second Intifada murdered 1000+ Israelis (with people I knew, and I escaped only by the skin of my teeth—Job 19:20) and maimed 1000s. The only reason it stopped was it became too bloody for them since we killed anyone ready to kill us. It was not because the hatred had diminished. Arab Israelis, since Oct. 7, became less radical, more Israeli than Palestinian, but not Arabs in Gaza or on the West Bank. He claims Abbas failed to stop Chamas. No, Gazans voted Chamas in. And Abbas annulled the West Bank elections (again) not to lose to Chamas.

He blames Israel and Chamas equally. Only immoral people speak like that.

Not long ago, he refused to condemn Palestinian violence, over and over again, and he still does. It’s supposedly the anger that we caused them.

Not so long ago, he called Jordanian soldiers who fell in 1967 “martyred.”

He may mean well. I can’t look into his heart. But he speaks too little truth to bring progress—nice try to empower Barghouti and Dachlan. No way.

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