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130 Inspiring Israel Headlines from 2021

What word best describes a country that:

Pioneers revolutionary treatments for Covid, ALS, ADHD, autism, brain, skin, bladder and pancreatic cancer, heart attacks and strokes, blindness, nerve damage, Alzheimer’s, bacterial infections, Parkinson’s, glaucoma and tuberculosis?

Sends medical and disaster relief teams throughout the world to friend and foe alike?

Discovers innovative ways to remove CO2 from the air, repair DNA, slash carbon emissions, kill germs, suppress hunger, kill nasal viruses, calm panic attacks?

Partners with other nations, including former adversaries, and philanthropic foundations on vaccine development, space exploration, scientific research, agriculture, greentech innovation, self-driving shuttles, and ocean wave energy production?

Saves the lives of thousands of its enemies’ children and leads the world in the donation of kidneys to strangers?

That country is Israel. What word fits it best? Visionary? Innovative? Entrepreneurial? Compassionate?

How about Amazing, Astonishing, Admirable? Miraculous? A Blessing?

Needless to say, Israel cannot be described as “perfect.” No country can. But calling out Israel for its flaws – real, exaggerated, and imagined – while ignoring every other nation’s faults, is among the world’s most obsessive compulsions. It has a one-word name: Antisemitism.

Fair-minded criticism of Israel’s shortcomings, by contrast, is entirely legitimate, so long as one applies the same standards to other nations AND one also credits its virtues and achievements. Far too few are aware of the latter, often through no fault of their own, since these are rarely featured in major media headlines.

So here are 130 headlines from 2021 you may have missed. They demonstrate that Israel is vastly more than the sum of its imperfections and conflicts. Perhaps, after perusing them and reading a few, you’ll agree that word describing Israel best is: Inspiring.

Israeli Drug Saves 100% of Covid Patients During Trial

21 reasons to be cheerful at the end of 2021

Has Israel Just Found a Cure for Covid?

Israel To Send 1 Million Doses of Covid Vaccine to Africa

Possible Key to Reversing ALS

A Simple Israeli Invention That Could Help Billions of People…and NASA

Fleets of Balloons Could Remove CO2 from Air

ADHD: Cracking the Code on its Cause

Peace Being Written – a New Israeli-Emirati Art Exhibit

Sleep Vital to Repair DNA – Israeli Study

Immunotherapy drug now works with a millionth of a dose — thanks to Israeli tech

Fauci: Israel is where you wanted to be for Covid vaccines

A Cut Above: Israel’s Redefined Meat Acclaimed by Leading Chefs

Israeli scientists devise AI-based system for personalized antibiotic treatment

Israel Entrepreneurs Pay It Forward: Scale Up Nation

Israeli Startup Launches First Saliva-based Pregnancy Test

4 Israeli inventions feature in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2021

Israeli COVID vaccine tablet development receives major grant

Knesset Passes Revolutionary Budget

Israeli team ID’s COVID proteins that trigger heart attacks and strokes

Israel and Gates Foundation Create Climate Change Working Group

Israel autism center receives massive donation,aims to make worldwide impact

Israel’s oral COVID vaccine approved for trial in S. Africa

Tel Aviv U 5th in the world in entrepreneurship

1200+ Israeli startups working on solutions to the global climate crisis

Israel and UAE poised to cooperate in outer space

Female Arab physician enters one of Israel’s “most coveted positions in public medicine”

1500 year old winery found in Israel. L’chaim!

Possible immunotherapy breakthrough for cancer treatment

Israeli-US project uses ultrasound waves to treat Alzheimer’s, cancer

Israelis spirit vulnerable Afghans from Taliban-led country

In first, Israeli researchers print blood vessels using 3D technology

Boosters dramatically reduce COVID risk

>300 Prominent Iraqis call for peace with Israel

Israeli app allows tracking wildfires around the world in real time

Israeli ‘antibacterial weapon’ arms good germs to kill bad germs

$15 drug gets COVID patients off oxygen support in under week – study

Israeli researchers tout ‘breakthrough’ 3D bioprints of active tumor

Israeli universities to partner with Moroccan tech school for joint research, degrees

Jordan, Israel sign agriculture agreement for shmita year

Freezing tumor instead of cutting, Israelis pioneer new bladder cancer approach

Dog walkers on the autism spectrum get new leash on life

Israeli law school journal No. 3 in world in human rights, beats Harvard

COVID: 90% of patients treated with new Israeli drug discharged in 5 days

Israel sends firefighting team, equipment to Greece as thousands flee blazes

3 women receive kidneys in Israel-UAE organ exchange, 1st with Arab state

As global demand for microchips surges, tech giants go all-in on Israel

Israel announces plan to slash carbon emissions by at least 85% by 2050

Israeli COVID vaccine in pill form to start clinical trial in Tel Aviv

Where Arab and Jewish teens learn tech skills together

Israeli study offers hope of ‘rewiring’ nerves to restore lost sense of touch

34 stereotype-breaking photos of Israelis inspire unity

Israeli expertise brings closure to Surfside disaster in matter of days

A remedy for the growing epidemic of medical waste

Israeli delegation wins Olympic medals in computer science competition

PayingBills An Israeli technology helping Americans afford healthcare

Touted as a lifesaver for millions, Israeli nano-patch smells skin to detect TB

UAE-Israel peace is more than an agreement. It’s a way of life.

Israel to dispatch firefighting planes to Cyprus to battle large wildfire

Israeli army forms 3D images of fallen Florida condo to find victims

How a staunch rightist gave her kidney to a Gaza boy — simply to do a good deed

Israel sends IDF team to Florida to assist with tower collapse rescue efforts

EU studying Arab Israelis as a paragon of child vaccination, to help Europe

Israeli tech investment shatters all records in first half 2021

he startup ensuring that no woman walks alone

Israel’s New Government: a spectrum of lawmakers – Orthodox, Arab, female, gay, and even Israel’s first deaf Knesset member

Transfer of power crucially affirms Israeli democracy

From Startup Nation to Scale up Nation: Israeli unicorns being ‘born’ faster than ever, report finds

Sadness turns to resolve and optimism after Acre violence

Israeli breakthrough COVID treatment gets approval for advanced trial

The Israeli companies taking a stand for coexistence

‘Muslim historians consistently confirm Jewish ties to Jerusalem’

Israeli scientists develop tiny swallowable ‘tweezers’ for use against bacteria

Israel’s Baruch Padeh sends medical delegation to Botswana, Africa

Why global startups want to be accelerated in Israel

Israel sends medical aid to Covid-stricken Uruguay

Mutual trust is the motor running this Arab-Jewish startup

14 disruptive technologies to help the planet

Israeli tech said to give precise, knife-free skin cancer diagnosis in seconds

Haifa hospital saves life of boy from Gaza suffering from kidney failure

Israeli scientists say they’ve paved way to turn off the brain’s ‘hunger switch’

The technologies making Israel proud in 2021

Tel Aviv University reveals brain cancer cure breakthrough

Israel tops world in kidney donations to strangers

Why Israel is becoming a hub for Parkinson’s research

Meet 6 Druze leaders changing Israel for the better

First Reform Rabbi Elected to Israel’s Knesset

WinWin Algae cleared from Caribbean beaches can power hotels

‘Life-saving’ nose spray that kills 99.9% of viruses begins production in Israel

Israeli and Emirati companies sign deal to bring greentech innovation to region

OscarShortlist Why Israeli short films are winning international awards

AI can now pick the best embryo to implant for IVF

Colombia community gets fresh-water system to boost health for students, residents

IsraAID sends vaccine-support team to Eswatini

Israeli delegation arrives in E. Guinea to treat wounded after deadly blasts

Where Arab-led Israeli startups find mentors and partners

The glaucoma treatment that only takes seconds

Israel, Brazil ink deal to establish joint team to research, produce vaccines

Visiting Israel, leaders of Denmark, Austria agree on joint vaccine development

Revolutionary spray-on skin is better than a bandage for wounds

New biological antibiotics can beat tuberculosis

‘Travel and Leisure’ names Israel No. 1 post-COVID tourism destination

Mobileye teams up with French firms to develop self-driving shuttles by 2023

A new handheld device aims to calm panic attacks fast

Israeli-Swedish ocean wave energy producer wins Global Innovation Award in Abu Dhabi

Israeli, Moroccan pediatric hospitals join forces for children’s health

A no BS answer to the world’s massive manure problem

Israeli stroke therapy granted FDA breakthrough device status

Israel makes top 10 (again) in ranking of world’s most innovative countries

Tel Aviv U. opens unique Center for Combating Pandemics

Vaccinated people less likely to transmit coronavirus, Israeli study suggests

8 smart technologies to help us get traveling again

Israeli firm providing mobile ventilators to California

Jerusalem picked to host world’s leading cannabis research conference

Special Olympics Israel to transform accessible healthcare

Israeli scientists say they’ve found ‘Achilles’ heel’ of cancer cells

Bedouin volunteers fix vandalized Jewish Israeli graveyard

An air conditioner that can kill viruses and other germs

Recycling single-use plastic with bacteria

Israel, UAE give wing to preservation of rare desert bird

5-minute charge battery from Israeli startup could revolutionize electric vehicle industry

Israeli researchers use novel methods to seek treatments for deadly pancreatic cancer

13 Israeli startups that made waves at 2021’s virtual CES in Las Vegas

A biological alternative to antibiotics for dairy cows

Blind man regains sight thanks to Israeli startup’s synthetic cornea

Sudan officially normalizes ties with Israel

Microbiome transplants can reprogram immune system to attack tumors

Revolutionary multi-patient ventilators for Covid ICU care

You can now check your phone for hyperlocal air quality

Small wonder: How Israel rolled up its sleeves and became vaccination nation


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Rabbi Richard Block is Past President and Chairs the Past Presidents Council of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, the rabbinic leadership organization of Reform Judaism, Senior Rabbi Emeritus of The Temple - Tifereth Israel, Cleveland, OH and Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA. Newsweek Magazine has recognized him as "one of the top 25 pulpit rabbis in America."
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