135 days without our 134 loved ones

Hostages_and_Missing_Square_Kikar_Hahatufim_Art_installations_7 - wiki commons.jpg CC license
Hostages_and_Missing_Square_Kikar_Hahatufim_Art_installations_7 - wiki commons.jpg CC license

Yesterday, we reached the sad sad milestone of #134, the number of days equaling those held captive. Today as time marches on we are at #135. 135 days without 134 loved ones

For most of us, each in our own way, life moves on in a strange and surreal way but for the #134 captives, who we hope and pray remain alive, and their families and loved ones the world is still a twilight zone.

We are drowned by the ripple effects of the 7th October – the rising hatred towards Jews and Israel, the loss of life of our soldiers and civilians, terrible suffering and loss of life of innocent civilians in Gaza, and the fears that impact each of us in our own way…but what must not be forgotten are two basic facts.

  1. The ignition to all of this was possibly the worst single and most brutal attack of the century involving the wanton murder, rape, wounding of thousands and capture of hundreds – this single event showed the world – whether they wish to see it – the face of evil and it can’t be hidden
  2. This evil regime, ensconced in their protective tunnels hidden away under their population that they cynically use as fodder are #134 captives – each living through their own hell and families and loved ones stuck in a nightmare state

I often am guilty of overthinking and overcomplicating matters and I won’t pretend that life is simple but the basic fact remains that our absolute responsibility remains to bring home the #134 captives and give a sense of relief to their families.

To all those captured and their families including our friend and neighbors son Daniel Peretz I am sending my prayers and hopes that they should be free NOW

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I live in Yad Binyamin having made Aliyah 17 years ago from London. I have an amazing wife and kids including a son in Special Forces and two daughters, one soon to start uni and one in high school. A partner of a global consulting firm and a Parkinson's patient and advocate.
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