2006 (a maladjusted ode to Aliyah)

When I close my eyes- I feel you, 2006.
In bright flashes of lavender and pearl grey,
You take me with you, time traveling.
The memories come and go, in waves.

The aurora above the Dove Diner,
Lying supine on freshly cut grass,
While watching the woolly clouds pass by.
Where have you gone, 2006?

I’d love to know where you’ve gone to hide,
Because you took my best memories with you.

Did you run up Eltingville Boulevard?
Or down Ridgewood Avenue?
Did you skip over the stones at the Sweetbrooke?
Have you been hiding amongst the Weeping Willows?
Please come back, 2006.

I promise to never let you slip away again,
For I was a little girl then, 2006.
I did not know better,
To cherish what laid in my hands.

So before I forget,
Please allow me to remember:

The expressions of the familiar faces I once knew,
Eltingville in all of Her hometown glory.

A day came when you left, 2006.
I have not seen you since.
Why did you leave, 2006?
Did something scare you off?

When you left,
Faces aged, and faces died.
I grew up,
And all I ever loved became a mere memory.

I think of you often, 2006.
When the plane took off,
I knew I would never see you again.

In your absence,
The other Years began to pick on me.
They showed me no kindness, 2006.
Beating me to the ground,
I scraped my knees and elbows.

The Years laughed and told me I was growing up.

Desperately trying to find the plane that brought me here,
I searched every imaginable nook and cranny.
Hoping that if I returned to Eltingville,
You would appear and restore what I thought I had lost.

But, when I did return,
You were nowhere to be found.
The Years told me that you had passed away in time,
And that you are now just a memory,
Roaming in the alleyways of my consciousness.

So to you,
I bid farewell, 2006.

About the Author
My name is Abigail Leibowitz, I’m 19, and serve in a combat battalion. I am originally from New York and made Aliyah with my family in 2010.
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