David Meir
David Meir

2021: The (sh*t) Show must go on

US President Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris

Entering now the month of September (a month that always has been a busy one in the calendar and also the month where yours truly saw the light of day), we can reflect on the first half of the year of our Lord Satan 2021.

Back in 2020, like a zillion years ago, we wondered if things could get any worse.
Being the optimist that I am, I posted a meme showing the year 2021 in the background of a nuclear explosion. Yes, I’m a sentimental like that.

Not to say that there aren’t any good things in 2021, there are, The Suicide Squad being one of them (awesome movie), and The Justice League the Snyder cut is hands down one of the best comic book movies ever. Also, Judas Priest are working on a new album and their 2018 effort, Firepower, showed Rob Halford is still THE metal god.

However, on the world political scene, the scenery was less than engaging and it started right away with what many saw as Mike Pence’s betrayal of the last hope conservative voters had for a miracle saving Donald Trump’s presidency.

Here in Israel things weren’t any better when the right-wing parties of Naphtali Bennett and Gideon Saar joined the left and an Arab party to form a coalition that, given the overwhelming majority of votes on the right of the political spectrum, many saw as a betrayal and having our election highjacked in broad daylight, just like many conservative Americans felt for their 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden, and this is the overwhelming feeling of many conservatives, is a weak fool that serves as a front figure for those really in power, namely Kamala Harris and her girlfriends from the squad (sadly, those have no intention to commit suicide).

The result of this was the almost immediate neutering of the US energy independence and standing on the world scene.

Woke has become the norm and political correctness is another word for fascism.

The left hates freedom of speech and independent thought as they are a threat to the group conformity championed by socialism.

The result of this ‘wokification’ of western society is an increasing destruction of family values, economical and personal strenght and the loss of connection to reality.

Make no mistake, the slow destruction of western society in recent years is not Trump’s fault or a result of the threat of ‘white supremacy’. It is the increasingly delusional anti-western thinking of the radical left which has brought the world to where it is today.

‘Get woke go broke’ is not just a saying, it has been proven right again and again and again. It can be seen in entertainment where woke franchises fail miserably, in woke sports, where instead of practicing you know, HOW TO PLAY, the likes of Megan Rapinoe or Colin Kapernick practice more kneeling than their actual game with the results that are to be expected. Finally it lead the the horrible shit show that was the pullout from Afghanistan with a Chief of Staff more concerned with gender issues and using the correct pronoun than to prepare correctly to deal with a bunch of extremist barbarians.

The Afghan debacle is absolutely the result of anti-western ideologues in Biden surroundings. To claim otherwise is to be willfully blind to what is going on. Proof of that is the many, many, unexplainable and downright illogical decisions taken in the matter. You can be wrong once or twice, even three or four times in a row, but it is impossible to be wrong all the time. Statistically, you should get it right from time to time. No one can convince me that such a monumental fuck up in Afghanistan is not intentional.

How did a bunch of primitive child rapists ended up with billions of tech from the US army? Can it be possible that it just so happened that NO ONE in the military thought this might happen and let it go without some direct orders from above? A proof that there were orders from higher up is the disturbing news (that has not been denied by the White House) saying a drone strike has been called off against the terrorist that blew off near Kabul airport killing 13 US soldiers.

This more than anything should be extremely concerning as the official reason for it was ‘not to upset the new government’.

Think about it for a second, someone in the Biden administration thought preventing American soldiers from getting killed was less important than establishing relations with extremist jihadists who hate the west and rape little girls.

Another very concerning news (that baffled me by its sheer stupidity) is the US General and head of the army, General Milley, saying that the US government might have to work with the taliban to fight isis.

Again, you can’t help but marvel (not in a positive way) how are these people connected to reality. Seriously, do they need a crash history course?

Isis (the acronym for The islamic state of Iraq and Syria) started as The Islamic state of Iraq, the name of the Iraqi al qaida branch. In 2014, the head of the Iraqi al qaida, Abu bqr al baghdadi, decided to expand to Syria, against the wishes of the new al qaida leader (after the death of bin laden) the Egyptian Ayman al zawahiri. Zawahiri didn’t want all the eggs in the same basket (understandable from a tactical point of view), and Baghdadi thought otherwise. So this was a power struggle, in no way it was a rift based on ideology as both groups still were hellbent on establishing islamic supremacy and destroying the west.

Al qaida, as most people know, was created by the Saudi Osama bin laden (of cursed memory), the same man who was involved in the 1980’s in the fight against the USSR alongside the Afghani mujahideen, the very people who created the taliban in the mid 1990’s.

It is important to remind people the history of isis and the taliban so it is crystal clear to everyone that we are not talking about two groups fighting each other over irreconcilable ideological differences, but simply as a part of a power struggle. Their goals, establishing a caliphate, subjugating the non muslims, treating women like sex slaves, implementing the sharia all over the world, are absolutely the same.

This brings us back to the truly puzzling statement by General Milley. How can ANYONE think the US government can work, IN ANY CAPACITY, with crazy jihadists who think that burning women alive for poor cooking or having sex with 12 years old kids is ok? How can they be trusted to fight another jihadist group, on the behalf of an ‘infidel’ government and how is the present US government not expecting that they will betray their word at the first instance they’ll have? Since we’re at it, how is it possible that someone gave the names of the US servicemen and Afghans who helped the US to the taliban expecting them to protect these people? It is beyond stupid, it is criminal as, OF COURSE, the taliban didn’t kept their word and now those people are hunted down.

I see this as a mixture of malice, woke blindness, disconnection from reality and sheer stupidity.

Malice because it just isn’t possible that all these events are simply a result of chance. Someone wanted those American dead, someone wanted the Taliban with billions of  dollars of military tech and someone wants to see the US humiliated as they see the US as a ‘white supremacy’ and evil capitalist and ‘colonizing’ force who ‘enslave’ muslims and ‘people of color’ to steal their ressources and thus, must pay the price. Just look how every democrat blocked the motion to have the names of the soldiers killed being mentioned in the congress, puzzling to say the least, but not so much when you consider that the ‘woke’ branch of the Democratic Party has taken over and THEY see US soldiers as ‘evil’ colonizers of ‘brown people’.

Just the picture of the pride flag on the US embassy of a country like Afghanistan (where to be gay is a death sentence) is enough to show that the woke powers to be are living in woke la la land, as far away as possible from the real world and their stupidity is only matched by their arrogance as they are totally convinced that they can do nor think no wrong and it’s the entire world who does not understand, not them, preferred pronoun forbid. They studied in universities where the woke gender studies teachers ‘enlightened’ them on the reality of Marx, Che Guevara, Castro, Mao and class warfare by the EVIL white patriarchy.

This bears no good for the future. Especially concerning is the fact that the same team that worked under Obama to make the truly awful Iran nuclear deal is the very same who was behind the Afghan catastrophe (like, this must surprise absolutely no one). These clueless and dangerous people have more than 3 years to continue to destroy western civilisation, and we all saw what they did in a few months.

Here in Yisrael, there is NO WAY we can let Iran go nuclear. This is not even open to discussion.

Unlike the woke fools currently at the helm of the US government, we know that when someone claims over every platform possible that they want to annihilate the Jews, they have to be taken seriously because they mean it.

The way the Biden administration didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their soldiers (for the woke sake of letting ‘brown people’ running their country) and were even ready to leave American people behind so they could import more ‘brown’ people in (never mind their views on gays and women don’t fit the woke agenda) doesn’t really reassure that they’ll help Israel to stop Iran.

After all, if the squad and their allies want the west destroyed and they (wrongly) see Yisrael as a ‘white supremacy’ endeavor to ‘colonise’ the Middle East, as misguided and blatantly false as this view is, they’ll have no problem throwing us under the bus and let Iran get the nuke and THAT dear readers, is not going to happen because we will be fighting for our lives and we have NO intention to let ourselves be annihilated to serve the misguided ego of those woke fools.

It looks like the meme I did last year with the nuclear explosion isn’t so far fetched after all.

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I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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