3 Inspiring Photographers Who Should Shoot In Israel

Extra large Panorama Of Tel Aviv Skyline,  Tel Aviv Cityscape Large Panorama At Day, Israel (via Bigstock)
Extra large Panorama Of Tel Aviv Skyline, Tel Aviv Cityscape Large Panorama At Day

Israel is a land of scenic beauty and wonder, which makes it the perfect place for world renowned nature photographers  to create striking images using their talent and the elements surrounding them. There is a mix of lush greenery and landscaped desert combined with ancient and modern architecture which give Israel it’s one of a kind, unmistakable landscape. These top photographers are known for their love of travel and ability to capture the diverse landscape and history of an area, which makes them well-suited to expressing and highlighting the ancient and modern scenery present in Israel’s expanses.

1. Peter Lik

Peter Lik is a well-known and diverse photographer who hails from Australia, but has found fame across the world. He even hosted a series on the weather channel where his adventures were filmed for the masses to enjoy as he sought the perfect picture in a variety of harsh terrains and tricky environments. Although he is known to be one of the top photographers in the field, he had no formal training and is self-taught.

In addition to his fame in television, he also published a coffee table book of landscape photography in 2003, and won the 2010 Windland Smith Rice International Award for the Art in Nature category. His works have been featured at the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History and his pieces are known to have fetched a high price. There’s also some controversy surrounding some of his pieces, which make for a good conversation about what is art. Given his background for adventure and landscape masterpieces, he would be an ideal candidate to shoot the beauty and diverse landscape of Israel and its major cities like Tel Aviv.

2. Le Paulmier

Le Paulmier is a global travel photographer who is best known for his landscape shots of historical sites and dazzling locations. His works have been published across several continents, displayed at numerous organizations & more recently part of a judging panel. His unique perspective has made him seek medieval towns, historical sites, legendary cities and majestic structures scattered across Europe.

This well appreciated photographer has managed to incorporate his international upbringing and love of travel with his passion for photography and capturing sights largely unknown to the wider public. Not only has Le Paulmier been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world to shoot its beauty and capture places of cultural & historical value, he has also witnessed the harsh brutality of political upheaval and the aftermath of civil unrest across the globe in the 80s and 90s. This experience gives him a balanced perspective and allows him to see the value in capturing these visible nuances within his photographs.

His love of travel photography and perusing the perfect shot has helped create an ongoing drive for him and that is what makes him a great choice for the top 3 photographers who should shoot in Israel. His love of history and culture would translate into some breathtaking shots for the international community to enjoy.

3. S. Ramelli 

Serge Ramelli is another one of the top photographers and has developed a strong following of photography enthusiasts. He has published coffee table books in both the United States and Europe and hosts a photography master classes for those who wish to improve their skills or get started in the trade.

In addition to his published works and instructional courses, he also runs a successful YouTube channel that documents his travels and features exciting information for those who follow his adventures. Those who are yet to experience his colorful works are in for a treat because each image is unusually striking and often offers a completely unique image of a location.

Serge Ramelli focuses on the expanse of color and striking contrasts of both natural and man-made scenery, often times, capturing both in nearly surreal images using both special shooting techniques and photo editing. His love of Photoshop can also be seen in many of his contrasting images, which use both black and white and color images within a single shot to highlight and enhance the beauty of the image. The way in which he captures his subjects would make him uniquely qualified to not only capture the beauty of Israel, but put a unique twist on the images to bring a whole new look and feel to what might ordinarily just be a nice shot of the landscape.

Final Words

These photographers each have their own style, background and experience, along with a method of capturing what they feel is the perfect shot, but what makes them stand out as perfect for capturing Israel is their understanding of the world and its diverse history and landscape features. They have the ability to make the region stand out as one of the top places to see both ancient and modern features that should be celebrated and revered by the international community. 

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