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Three Israeli Startups Ensuring Our Online Security This Year

Cyber-security has never been more crucial - and some local companies have found novel ways to enhance it
Anonymous emblem (Wikimedia Commons)
Anonymous emblem (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s no secret that Israel’s powerful tech startup scene is taking the world by storm and leading the startup nation. Cutting edge technology continues to cultivate in 2015 and ceaseless Israeli tech startups are sprouting from every corner. Out of the thousands of Israeli startups vying for our attention, only a tiny percentage will become star players on the field.

Security—both online and offline—has always been a top priority within Israel. And nowadays, online security is on everyone’s minds. Indeed, results from a recent Gallup poll show that people fear their online accounts getting hacked more than they fear having their homes burgled.

With this, here are the hottest security-focused Israeli startups that have raised significant rounds of funding and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These are the startups to watch out for, the ones whose services will help us sleep better at night knowing our online lives are protected.


Being a part of generation Y, we lead double lives–one in the real world and one on the web (especially on social media). Our fears of being taken advantage of and experiencing an invasion of our personal space have been heightened.

We have become more protective over our personal information, and our email accounts are the key for hackers to steal our bank details or commit identity theft. The Israeli startup LogDog has come to our rescue. It launched a new smartphone app that instantly alerts users when their personal email accounts or social media accounts have been hijacked–offering enterprise-level protection to consumers for the first time.

The security tool was developed to safeguard your accounts if there is any ‘fishy’ activity. If there has been a breach in one of your accounts, you will be notified via a push message to your mobile phone detailing where the suspicious activity is taking place. The tool looks out for any inconsistencies; for example, if you log into an account from one country and an hour later from another, LogDog will pick up on this as suspicious activity and alert you.

At present, LogDog protects Google, Dropbox, Yahoo, Facebook and Evernote accounts. Protection for Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts is coming soon.


Since the Edward Snowden scandal broke in 2013, Internet users all over the world lack the confidence that they have control over their personal information.

This pervasive concern applies to everyday communications channels and to the collectors of their information– both in the government and in corporations. Eavesdropping, tapping and interception are the fastest growing threats to enterprises, executives, politicians and professionals.

Founded by experts within the Israeli security and defense industry, CyberCanary created an application that makes all wireless devices resilient to eavesdropping, tapping and data interception.

The CyberCanary application can be installed onto your device and uses counteractive radio level security technology to identify and avoid ‘fake’ Wi-Fi access points, making your wireless device invisible to attackers. This is the first solution that lets enterprises ensure that no one invades their employees’ phone calls, SMS, or private data both on public or private WIFI networks.

Light Cyber

With a cool name resembling a laser beam sword used in a Star Wars movies, what’s not to like? LightCyber is part of an elite group of local security companies that are creating innovative solutions to protect companies’ corporate data. In previous years, businesses would set up firewalls to avoid intrusion by alien software. But, no walls are safe these days and breaches can happen easily, which calls for new ways to guard internal networks.

Founded in 2011 by CEO Giora Engel and CTO Michael Mumcuoglu, LightCyber is a privately held security vendor with offices in Israel and the United States. It positions itself as an active-breach-detection technology provider. The basic idea behind breach-detection technology is to enable an organization to have visibility into potential security incidents, where an attacker is already in the network.

How does it work? The software evaluates communication patterns within the organization and points out any abnormalities. LightCyber believes that precaution is better than taking drastic actions which could ultimately become more detrimental in the end-result. LightCyber has recently announced a new Version 3.0 of the LightCyber Magna platform, bringing together two new features that extend attack detection and remediation capabilities.

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