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3 trips in Israel not to miss this Spring

With Spring in the air, the next few weeks constitute one of the best times of the year to travel around Israel with sunny days, comfortable temperatures, and a later sunset. Anyone lucky enough to be visiting in the coming weeks will certainly appreciate the magic that’s in the air, and also the amazing array of trips that are available now in Israel, more than ever before, which can sometimes confuse visitors. Some are just must-do’s and here’s our top three.

Masada and the Dead Sea

No visit to Israel is complete without a trip to the twin sites which always go hand-in-hand. And it’s no wonder, one is the world’s lowest point, and the other tells one of the most impressive stories in Jewish history. There are loads of ways to visit Masada and the Dead Sea, although most visitors opt either to rent a car and do it alone, or join a Masada and the Dead Sea tour, with trips available seven days a week. The sites are pretty self explanatory, however, the added value of a guide at Masada, can illuminate the site and bring a visit to life.

Caesarea and the North Coast

Israel’s Northern Coastline is full of gems and treasures. Caesarea is perhaps the best known, another of the country’s most iconic and popular national parks, the site is another of Israel’s busiest, however, it’s worth a visit for its immense history and beautiful restoration. Making a day of it, other interesting places to visit include nearby Zichron Yaakov, the artist colony at Ein Hod, or even a venture into Israel’s third city, Haifa, or beyond, that, the crusader city of Akko.


It goes without saying that a visit to Jerusalem is crucial on any trip in Israel. The Old City always has more to discover even on a fifth of tenth visit, so no matter whether it’s your first or tenth time in Israel, it’s worth a visit. Head off the beaten track and discover the hidden lanes. Outside of the Old City, the Machane Yehuda Market is fast-becoming one of the city’s hot-spots.

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