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3,000 new houses? Why not 30,000?

First, I need to get something off my chest. Why does Israel have to publicize to the world how many housing units it’s going to build? Do other countries do that?

Next, to the crux of this blog. Ned Price representing the U.S.Department of State of the failed Biden administration, made several comments yesterday. “We are deeply concerned about this unilateral move on the part of Israel. It’s inconsistent with efforts to lower tensions and restore calm. It damages prospects for a two-state solution. Israel should not make unilateral moves. Israel is legalizing illegal outposts”. There were more but let’s address these absurd and false comments.

A quick check on Google will show that there are many dozens of building projects and tenders for more going on in the U.S. right now. I don’t recall hearing the Israeli ministry of state complaining about that. Why? Because it’s none of Israel’s business. So, what Israel builds and where is none of the U.S.’s business. Israel is a sovereign country and not a colony of the U.S.

Why is the U.S. concerned? Isn’t it facing a large number of serious problems itself? Efforts should be made to solve those problems and not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. We don’t hear a peep from Washington about Turkish Cyprus, about Crimea, about China taking over the South China Sea and on and on.

Some facts: Israel only builds on official Israeli land. In some instances, it has even removed structures that were on “Palestinian” land.

All the land where Jews live in Judea and Samaria takes up less than 10% of the area. Many more Arabs live there than Jews.

Israel is also building housing for Arabs but the U.S. didn’t complain about that.

The projects will harm progress towards a two-state solution? Really?If so, 30,000 units should be built, not just 3,000. There will never be a two-state solution.That would spell disaster for Israel. Besides, there are already many more than two states for the Arabs including Jordan which is mostly populated by Palestinians.

Unilateral moves? What about the PA encouraging terrorists to kill Jews by paying them for their “services”? If that is not a unilateral move I don’t know what is.

This has become a topsy turvy world with twisted values. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is not doing anything to help the situation. It is merely exasperating it.

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M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.
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