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4 services that will help you feed your online shopping addiction

A little help to go 'window shopping' for the impulse buyer
Checkout screen for online shopping (Checkout screen via Shutterstock)
Checkout screen for online shopping (Checkout screen via Shutterstock)

I was never a fan of online shopping. Not because I don’t trust e-commerce sites or something like that. It’s simply because I knew I can find everything I ever wanted online and always had the feeling that ‘once you pop, you just can’t stop’.

About a year ago I gave up and bought a Bright Eyes record from eBay and since then the dam broke and I’ve started buying things here and there.

Lately I’ve discovered four platforms that feature a buying process that is so simple and fun that it actually makes you want to buy more stuff. Keep reading, but keep your wallets at a safe distance.

Amazon’s buy now with one-click

I’m a sucker for two things (actually three) – Apple products and books. I love reading and I love my iPad Mini, so purchasing books for my Kindle app is a little addiction I’ve been nurturing over the last couple of months.

I avoided buying books online for a long time, just because I knew it would end badly for me and I would have to move to a bigger apartment. I always had good excuses to not buy books online. I don’t have an American credit card so the iBook store is completely useless for me, and I hate waiting for books to arrive by mail. Everything changed, however, when Amazon introduced the ‘Buy now with one-click” button.

I come across a lot of interesting books and I use to have time to really think about the purchase of a new book before pulling the trigger. However, with Amazon’s new button, I don’t even have time to talk myself out of it. I just click the button the way I click a every other button on the Internet and like magic it’s delivered straight to my iPad. Of course, at the same time $12.99 has already been transferred through my PayPal.

Amazon - You're always just one click away
Amazon – You’re always just one click away

You want to know how bad it’s gotten for me? I just spotted Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ while researching the Amazon website for this post. I bought it, and now it’s on my iPad. I love Gary’s books!


I don’t know if you’re familiar with GETONIC’s POPshop, as it’s a relatively new technology, but it’s essentially an e-commerce platform that lives in your social feed. It means people can build a POPshop for their product and share it through a post or an ad that is also a fully functional ecommerce store.

So picture yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed and you see a beautiful product. Usually you would click on the ad or post and land on an ecommerce site where you’ll have to create an account, go through the check out process, add your credit card details, and on and on. What a drag right?

But now imagine if you just encountered a POPshop. You’re one click away from finishing your purchase process. You see the product on your Facebook feed, click the “buy now” button and it’s done. It’s crazy fast, crazy simple and I’m crazy hooked. It’s impulse buying at its best.

GETONIC - Do your shopping from your Facebook feed
GETONIC – Do your shopping from your Facebook feed

Getaxi / Domino’s pizza

Would you buy more Pizza’s or take more cabs if you didn’t feel like you were actually paying for it? That’s what GetTaxi and Domino’s Pizza have accomplished – making you feel like you’re not paying anything while actually paying hundreds of dollars.

Since both apps ask you to add your credit card at the very beginning you don’t need think about it after that. You simply press “card” or “order now”, meaning you don’t think about money during the entire process.

In the past, you used to have to take out your credit card to order your pizza, or take cash out of your wallet when you take a taxi. Those small actions reminded you of the money you spent and would moderate your usage of those services. If you take those actions out of the equation, it makes it a lot easier for you to spend more money – much, much easier.

Get Taxi - Just pick card
Get Taxi – Just pick card

The Fancy

The Fancy is quite the exception. It’s not the checkout process itself that encourages you to buy impulsively, because it’s a rather normal checkout process. The Fancy has a different advantage against other websites – a vast collection of beautiful products, all in one place.

The Fancy has a beautiful platform that features the attractiveness of Pinterest and the ecommerce chops of Amazon. This means you’re exposed to a very unique, interesting, and beautiful product but your way to the checkout is very impulsive and short.

There aren’t any bundles of links and pages you have to wade through while buying more products than you can handle. It’s beautiful, it’s easy, and it’s super fast.

The Fancy - you can buy whatever you like.
The Fancy – you can buy whatever you like.

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