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5 cheesy Israeli love songs to make your Tu B’av sizzle

Flowers, chocolates, wine, fancy restaurants… the whole nine yards for the 'Jewish Valentine's Day'

Looking for the equivalent of an American “Hallmark holiday” in Israel? You’ve found it. Tu B’Av (aka the “Jewish Sadie Hawkins Day”) has taken on a whole new life in recent years, when some quick-thinking restaurant-owner realized he could quadruple his business on one night by creating a “Jewish” Valentine’s Day.

I have no idea if that’s actually how the idea came about, but it sounds like something we Jews would dream up, no?

In any case, Tu B’Av is a big deal in Israel. Flowers, chocolates, wine, fancy restaurants…the whole nine yards.

But if you’re going to do it right, you need the right Israeli music to accompany your Tu B’Av festivities. Israel may not have its own version of Marvin Gaye, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take your Tu B’av to a higher lever with the help of these steamy songs. Here are my top five:

5. Boaz Sharabi — Im At Adayin Ohevet Oti

In 2006, Boaz Sharabi found himself with a hit on his hands. His gravelly voice and soulful melody made “Im At Adayin Ohevet Oti” a favorite on Israeli radio, but what really makes this song sizzle is the ultra-romantic lyrics:

If you still love me
I will find everything you’re missing
If you still love me
I promise to be everything you’re seeking
I’ll give you as a gift / all of the secrets of the soul
If you still love me

If you always dreamed of a man who will “bring you rocks from the moon,” as Boaz goes on to say in the song, put this tune on your playlist tonight.

4. Ivri Lider — Zachiti Le’ehov

When you gaze at your beloved, and remember that “there are lips that want you near”…then, my friend, you have “merited to love.” How amazing is this song? Ivri Lider’s soulful voice, chills-inducing melody and romantic lyrics will work wonders in bringing the two of you closer on Tu B’Av. I had the opportunity to attend Ivri’s concert in New York, at which this clip was filmed. Ivri sounds great, but you’ll score major brownie points if you can serenade your date with this song all by yourself.

3. Static and Ben-El Tavori — Zahav

Looking for something a little more upbeat, but equally as cheesy? Static and Ben-El have got you covered. Their recent mega-hit, “Zahav,” is one great big pickup line. While the lyrics may get you slapped in a bar, they’ll work like magic on the one you love. Consider the following: “Hi…I’ve never seen a smile like that / Someone like you must hear that a lot” or “Like honey, you bring sweetness” or  “Ask throughout the country: Tell me, who is the most beautiful in the city? They answer: she is the most beautiful woman I know!” Any other night, you’d be ready to throw up. But on Chag Ha’ahava, the holiday of love, anything goes. Tonight, “it’s just me, and you, and the trumpets.”

2. Eyal Golan — Yaffa Sheli

If you say it, you sound insincere. If Eyal Golan says it…well, that changes everything.

My beautiful one,
All the words of love I will tie with a ribbon.
I will give them to you as a gift with a rose.
For your sake, I will forget my weaknesses.
My beautiful one,
The violins will give you a different feeling.
I close my eyes, this love is blind.
For your sake, I will give my life.

Mind you, 99% of Eyal Golan’s repertoire will produce similar results. But this 1998 mega-hit, expertly paired with the ideal bottle of fine wine, has been proven effective in generating fireworks among 96% of couples. YMMV.

1. Shlomo Artzi — Ahavtiha

I want you to listen to this song, and as you’re listening, imagine the following. You’re sitting at the beach with your beloved, and this song starts playing. You pull each other close, your arms around one another, and you begin to sing out loud:

I loved her
Suddenly, I know that,
I loved her
Suddenly now, suddenly today.
Yes she is mine now
Like the song.
Rising from within me,
Rising with all my strength,
Like the song.

Okay, so it might lose something in the translation…but the song just screams to be sung while holding someone you love, swaying to the music together on a warm summer’s night. Try it!

There you have it. Five love songs guaranteed to add sparks to your Tu B’Av dinner date (or whatever the two of you may choose to do afterwards). Do you and your partner have your own special song that better expresses your undying love and devotion? I’d love to hear about it. Otherwise, you’re welcome. And if none of my selections do it for you, well, there’s always Marvin Gaye…

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