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5 International PR Tips Every Start-Up in Israel Needs

Adtech, Agriculture, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Health & Medical and more – whatever category your Start-Up falls into, investing in a solid public relations strategy is an absolute essential.

Local media coverage about your company – its beginnings, development, vision, services, products and messages is invaluable. It can drive investment, customer engagement, sales, growth and scale.

But what happens when your company crosses borders? Perhaps you’re launching in an international market or you want to raise awareness about your work in the US or Australia.

How do you even begin to execute a media or public relations strategy in a foreign market with its own communication and cultural nuances? How do you build a media network to strategically target the right journalists and secure coverage?

Public relations for Start-Ups in an international market is entirely different to a local media campaign. The services, solutions and channels can be harder to successfully navigate.

So, I’ve put together my Top 5 International PR Tips that I believe every Start-Up in Israel should know, to begin to build successful media coverage in global markets.

  1. Write for the world

When it comes to media content that you hope will get picked up internationally – a short press release, statement, industry commentary, feature article or opinion piece – ensure you write for an audience around the world. Try to keep your content and concepts applicable to a global readership.

Broad copy that has universal relevance and appeal is a quick way to boost your international coverage. Location-specific stories are still imperative, but pitching copy that is broadly relevant is an efficient and effective way to position your company and message in multiple markets quickly.

  1. Adapt the small things

Paying attention to, and adapting, the small things in your media pitch is crucial. Take spelling for example. The spelling of ‘Color’ in the US verses ‘Colour’ in the UK and Australia. This seems like a small point but it makes a big impact – journalists don’t like receiving material that has not been adapted for their market – it comes down to a sense of national pride.

Similarly, think about measurements: if you’re sending copy to the US, don’t refer to ‘mm’ or ‘km’, instead change to US measurements, or include both – with US measurements in brackets.

  1. Target online media

Online media is a strategic target for building PR coverage internationally. Traditional media platforms are crucial in the mix – but when you pitch stories to online journalists, you’re maximizing the chance of your online story getting picked up in multiple markets – with minimal effort.

The globalization of the media in recent years has become a huge benefit for companies. Through online shares, SEO and news market expansion, your story can quickly appear across many platforms globally and increase your reach significantly.

  1. Identify key contacts

For times’ sake, a great strategy is to identify two or three key journalists, writing for key publications in your target market, to pitch to individually. It doesn’t take much time to make a phone call or send two or three emails to key contacts from very specific publications relevant to your industry.

You have to be realistic and understand that a big publication like the New York Times probably won’t write about your Start-Up (at least not right away) – so start with niche publications and build momentum.

  1. Ride the wave!

One of the best ways to gain international media interest is to ride the wave of a current news cycle. If you are trying to raise awareness of your company in the UK, for example, try pitching a story that adds a point-of-difference and a new voice to the current Brexit debate.

Creating a media release or issuing a statement about a hot-topic news story in your target region makes you relevant and increases the chances of media pick-up. It’s called riding the wave.

My Top Five International PR Tips can easily be harnessed by any Start-Up that needs international media coverage quickly.

Do you have a tip to add to the mix?

Happy Pitching!

Katie Clift is Director of Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd – an International PR Expert. She specialises in media and public relations campaigns for Start-Ups seeking international coverage. She is also proudly an International PR Specialist with Asset Ogilvy Public Relations. Follow her at katieclift.com, twitter.com/katieclift or facebook.com/katiecliftconsulting.

About the Author
Katie Clift is Director of Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd - an International PR Expert specialising in local & global campaigns across all industries. With more than a decade of experience in local and international PR, Katie moved from Australia to Athens in 2017. Her company engages clients around the world, across all industries (from start-ups and entrepreneurs to global construction and manufacturing, health, lifestyle, medical, travel, tech and NGO's). She is also proudly an International PR Specialist with Asset Ogilvy Public Relations. For just one organisation alone, Katie led a media and public relations team to achieve more than 8000 feature stories a year in print, broadcast, and online media, including 120 front page newspaper stories - worth millions of dollars annually. Katie is a leading media and public relations commentator throughout Europe and Australia - her editorials are regularly featured in Mumbrella (Australia), PR Week (UK) and Times Of Israel (Global). She is also an in-demand podcast guest and conference speaker, presenting most recently at Engage Prague 2018 and the Union for International Cancer Control’s World Cancer Congress (Paris).
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