6 Tips To Buy Heavenly Smelling Cologne in Israel


Wearing cologne can increase your confidence and make you several times more attractive, instantly! But for that, you need to choose and check by yourself which cologne you like best.

Every human being possesses a unique body odor and the scent of the cologne mixes up with the odor to yield an exclusive scent. So some basic guidelines have to be followed to buy cologne. And there are some that must be maintained to wear the fragrance too, because applying too much cologne may create an adverse effect and push people away from you.

Here is a quick buyer’s guide for men’s cologne to help you select one that can make you the star in the next party!

  1. Spray a little bit of it under your wrist before buying – When selecting a cologne, the first thing we do is smelling it from the bottle by removing its cap. But the scent of the cologne may differ when applied on the skin. So for this purpose, you need to apply the cologne on your skin and check how it smells before buying. And you need to also check that the smell of the cologne is not too musky.
  2. Explore all types of brands – It is okay if you prefer a particular brand of cologne. But you need to try and explore other smaller brands as well. While the bigger brands spend a lot on advertising their products by celebrities or other famous role models, they set a higher price tag for their products. On the other hand, the smaller brands produce some beautifully fragrant products at a much lower price.
  3. Decide which scent suits you the best – The products available in the market are derived from a number of sources. Some of them smell like sandalwood, some like flowers and some of them are lightly scented while there are a few which are strong and heavily scented. You have to decide which of these will suit you the most. This may take a few tries but ultimately you will be able to get the best choice.
  4. Take someone with you for shopping – Not everyone can decide what’s best for them, especially when it comes to shopping. Plus the advantage of bringing someone else along with you will help you to get a better view of your appearance.
  5. Don’t follow the trend – Buying online is trendy nowadays. But if your mind changes then you have to wait for several days again before getting the product replaced. And that also if the site allows it. So it would be far more convenient to go shopping and try the colognes by yourself.
  6. Check out the content – Do you know that the oil content of the product determines its longevity? Cologne with more oil content will last longer and will produce a stronger scent. You just have to check and put the right amount on your skin to avoid a staggering smell.
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