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66 companies that make me proud to be Israeli

They're all here -- form the veterans to the newbies, the tech-heavy to the light apps.
The ReWalk in action (Courtesy)
The ReWalk in action (Courtesy)

Israel is home to hundreds of great companies, from huge corporations to brand new start-ups and non-profits. To celebrate Israel’s 66th birthday, here’s my mega-list of 66 great Israeli companies.  Chag HaAtzmaut  Sameach!

1. ReWalk

Israeli inspirational tech, at its best, Rewalk helps people with physical disabilities to walk again. A brilliant Zionist innovation.

2. MyHeritage

As Jews we’re obsessed with family history and connections. MyHeritage has connected individuals all over the world to their family history.

3. Soda Stream

Based in the West Bank, Soda Stream prides itself on equality to its mixed Arab and Jewish workforce, plus a focus on sustainability and the environment.

4. 3G Direct Pay

Founded by an Israeli, and based in Nairobi, Kenya, 3G Direct Pay is revolutionizing mobile payments in the tourism sector across East Africa.

5.  Wix

There are thousands of websites created every day using Israeli company Wix’s technology, and that makes me pretty proud.

6. Panoramic Power

Based in NY and Israel, Panoramic Power’s energy management solutions and tech are saving energy for the planet, and helps cut down energy costs.

7.  Nefesh B’Nefesh

Nefesh B’Nefesh brings Jews to Israel from all over the world, and provides financial and logistical assistance to help them stay here.

8. Sisense

Israeli big data analytics company Sisense seems to win a tech award every second week, and with a new office in New York they are showing the Big Apple exactly what Israeli tech-savvy can achieve.

9. Sysaid

Headed by Sarah Lahav, Sysaid company is bringing innovative helpdesk tech to IT managers around the globe.

10. Fiverr

It takes a certain type of Israeli genius to set up a company like Fiverr, where you can buy anything (and I mean anything) for only $5.

11. ClickTale

ClickTale have helped thousands of businesses improve their websites for their customers with amazing analytic tools like heatmaps and more.

12. Zula

One of the new boys on the Israeli tech scene, Zula offers a brand new approach to mobile team communication. With a great product and a veteran team, expect Zula to go places.

13. EatWith

Israelis love their food, so it’s no surprise that this country has produced a successful company like EatWith that encourages people to eat in strangers’ homes.

4. Flayvr

The Israeli-created mobile app Flayvr helps sort photos into albums so you can easily find what you are looking for. It is basically my default photo app on both my Android phone and Ipad.

15. Teva

Providing drugs for so many common diseases, and so many less common ones, Teva is the result of Israeli brain power and determination.

16. Feedvisor

Working with Amazon sellers, Israeli startup and Red Herring award winner Feedvisor helps online sellers keep their prices competitive whilst offering the best value for money to their customers.

17. Swayy

Swayy helps you find interesting stuff to share online. It’s fun for everyone who spends too much time on Facebook, and invaluable for people like me who work in social marketing.

18. MobilEye

Amazing piece of Israeli tech MobilEye fits in cars, helping drivers avoid accidents. Seriously wow.

19. GetTaxi

GetTaxi took a seemingly mundane act like booking a taxi, and turned it into an app that I can’t live without.

20. Waze

Talking of apps I can’t live without, this list wouldn’t be complete without Waze on it. Kudos to Google for buying it, and not destroying it.

21. GalGalatz

GalGalatz is Israeli army radio that plays the Spice girls along with Nirvana, as well as a mix of up to date and oldie Israeli favourites.

22. Babysense

Babysense is a little device that goes under baby’s mattress and reports back that your baby is breathing. Thank you Israeli innovation for helping parents worldwide sleep better.

23. Gangly Sister

I hate the Princess Culture being inflicted on young girls. So do Gangly Sister. These Israeli American ladies have created a tv show aimed at promoting science, maths and tech for tween girls.

24. Save A Child’s Heart

The amazing non profit, SACH, works in Africa to improve pediatric cardiac care. More inspirational stuff from the Zionist enterprise.

25. Viewbix

You know when you get thousands of YouTube views but no one visits your site? Viewbix want to help you fix that with cool widgets to add on to videos.

26. Clarizen

Founded in Israel, Clarizen is a popular project management tool that helps businesses to get organized.

27. Soft Wheel

SoftWheel have literally reinvented the wheel, so that wheelchair uses can get up and down stairs more easily, seriously improving the quality of life for people with physical disabilities.

28. OktoPost

OktoPost is a social scheduling tool which filled a gap in the market that no one else had figured out- LinkedIn groups. As mentioned before, Israelis like to network, so this is a natural area for Israeli innovation.

29. 24me

Ever felt like you needed your own personal assistant? 24me is a personal assistant app, perfect for working parents, and anyone who juggles too many balls.

30. Golan Telecom

Golan hit the Israeli mobile phone market by slashing prices and offering perks to the consumer, both pretty unusual in the previously consumer-unfriendly market.

31. Brayola

Brayola takes women’s bras and makes it into a tech issue. Only In Israel.

32. Etzly

Etzly encourages people to give money to charity when they go to someone’s house for a meal. The combination of charity and large meals makes this a very Israeli idea.

33.  Shopetti

Founded by an America Oleh, Shopetti makes online shopping easier by adding all your stores to one easy basket, and letting you know when things go on sale.

image taken from www.mappedinisrael.com
image taken from www.mappedinisrael.com

34. TinyTap

TinyTap make fantastic apps for kids that keep my kids occupied so I can write crazy long lists like this one. Ahem.

35. Billguard

Billguard helps you keep track of your finances, and protects you from fraud, all in a handy app.

36 Kenes International

Kenes organize medical conferences all over the world, helping medical professionals share knowledge.

37. OrCam

Mind blowing Israeli tech OrCam helps blind people to see.

38. The Times of Israel

Finally, Israel and Jewish news in English, with great opinion pieces, and decent page loading times. Thank you Times of Israel!

39. HereO

Hereo is a GPS watch your kids will actually want to wear. I want me one of these.

40. Kaiima

Kaiima is an agritech startup in the Galilee growing produce faster to feed the world. You don’t get more Israeli than that.

41. LivePerson

LivePerson helps customers get real time customer support from a real person who can help them. Customer support is a weak point for many Israeli businesses, but maybe Live Person can change that.

42 UMoove

Crazy eye tracking tech UMoove is used for games and rumoured to be a part of several ground-breaking smartphones.

43. Yoovi

Brand new startup Yoovi helps you store and share your photos with family and friends, without the whole world seeing them.

44. Solar Edge

Israel gets a pretty good amount of sunshine. Solar Edge want to use it to do amazing things with solar power.

45. OurCrowd

OurCrowd is a super successful crowd-funding platform, that helps Israeli and worldwide startups get funded.

46. Graduway

Graduway helps people connect to their old universities and alumnie networks. Perfect for Jewish doctors and lawyers.

47. Max Brenner

Max Brenner make yummy Sabra chocolate enjoyed the world over.

48. Freightos

Freightos are a relatively new startup tackling the outdated shipping field.

49. Keepy

Keepy helps you store, share and backup photos and memories. This is a great app for parents with young kids.

50.  Conduit

Conduit have built thousands of mobile apps that run on Israeli technology, keeping blue and white in too many mobile apps to count.

51. PointGrab

Crazy tech PointGrab lets you point at your air conditioning device, amongst others, to turn it on or off.

52. Breaking Bread Journeys

Israel is full of hundreds of organisations reaching towards peace. Breaking Bread Journeys tried to create dialogue through food, something crucial to both cultures.

53. Datumate

Based in Nazereth, Datumate creates top-line mapping software, but we all know a crucial part of being Israeli is going on lots of tiyullim!

54. Moovit

One of my go-to apps for local transport times. Moovit is now in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile and France, as well as other global locations. Go blue and white!

55. Glide

Glide is a Jerusalem based startup who have created a super cool instant video messaging service.

56. Loyal Blocks

With headquarters in NY and Tel Aviv, Loyal Blocks is an app based customer reward scheme. Right now just based in the States, but set for global domination.

57. Kampyle

Kampyle collect user feedback on websites all over the world, giving online businesses insight into what their visitors like, and don’t like!

58. Stratasys

You know how 3D Printing used to be one of those things we’ll have in the future? Israeli company Stratasys is creating that future now.

59. Payoneer

Israeli founded Payoneer is helping individuals and businesses make online payments across the globe.

60. Zooz

Zooz, an Israeli name and Israeli concept, works as a checkout solution for ecommerce, making everything “move more quickly and painlessly”

61. Elbit Medical

Elbit have revolutionised ultrasound tech, and are now also leaders in stem cell technology, another fantastic example of Israeli innovation in the medical tech world.

62. SyncMe

Just login to your social networks, and SyncMe will magically keep your contacts up to date, including their phone numbers, emails and profile pictures

63. Outbrain

Outbrain’s content discovery tool is one of the rising stars in Israel’s tech world. They now also have offices in Europe, The United States and Japan.

64. InnoAfrica

Innovation Africa is one of the inspirational startups brings Israeli tech and innovation to African nations.

65. IT Central Station

Named “Yelp for Enterprise” by the Wall Street Journal, IT Central Station provide reviews for B2B and enterprise tech.

66. Walkme

Walkme make easy guides and tutorials for websites, because Israelis are used to explaining things slowly, and clearly to crazy tourists.

israel nasdaq

Big thank you to everyone who helped me compile this list. Did I miss out your amazing Israeli company? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

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Born in the UK, Naomi is a content writer and community manager at Key Scouts (www.keyscouts.com) and a proud member of The StartUp Nation.
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