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7 points from the Foolish Jew

I know I am foolish, and perhaps demented because I work to change the existing situation between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I do this with a high certitude that if the military power equations were reversed that there would be no Israel and likely no Jews as the true goal of BDS is the elimination of Israel and its Jews. One of its key strategies is to separate American support for Israel to both isolate Israel and to make it vulnerable to military actions. And BDS continues to grow in strength, and political impact.

I work full time opposing BDS in the USA and speak and actively participate with those of us on the ground that understands the potency and effectiveness of BDS. Bottom line, BDS grows and Jews are imperiled.

Sad to write that Israel governments’ attempts to deal with BDS are not helping, as they do not have the ‘battle-hardened’ veterans to advise and assist them; but would they listen and take effective actions? Further, my sources tell me they are concentrating on Europe— a lost cause, while America burns.

Here are a few major underlying premises that must be acknowledged.

  1. That the anti-Zionists/BDS advocates in the USA are growing in power and effectiveness. A high profile example of this is to look at the Bernie Sanders supporters and whom he chose to represent him on the Democratic Platform committee–two very vocal supporters of the anti-Zionists movement. Bernie Sanders like most Lefties, Jewish or not, is pro Palestinian.
  2. Those Jewish organizations and individuals, who claim victory because the Democratic platform did not adopt the anti Zionists Sanderite language are seeing a very narrow picture. The larger picture is that they did not get their way THIS TIME!
  3. That as USA Democratic Party politics moves to the Left, there will be greater and greater separation between the USA and Israel. And as Israel becomes a more partisan cause of the Republican Party this hurts Israel’s legitimacy with Democrats and the ability to make it a bi-partisan issue.

The decline of Israel in the world’s eyes was greatly assisted by the expansion of the settlements and the lack of understanding by Israeli elites as to how well organized, effective and funded the anti Zionists are and the settlements are political gifts to the anti Zionists.

  1. Every time the settlements are given any sort of aid or expansion –it neutralizes or demoralizes more and more pro Israel liberal American Jews away from Israel. To give the settlements a few million dollars in aid and risk further alienation of congress and the needed liberal Jews is unmindful of the real politick in the USA in Congress, with both Jews, and the general public. And I am well aware of the current military allocations from Congress to Israel. But those can be changed any time.
  2. If Israel gave up the settlements, the propaganda BDS war against Israel would continue unabated and possibly accelerate, as the anti Zionists would claim victory.
  3. I was told, in confidence, by trusted non Jewish Democratic congressmen who are supporters of Israel that they lay the rising American antisemitism to the actions of Netanyahu. This is the perception and in politics perception is critical.
  4. That substantive change has to be made in the battle to delegalize Israel and that both the government and wealthy Israelis have to put more and effective resources or, despite assurances from American pro Israel organizations, we will not prevail.

We need more ideas, programs and money to continue this battle in the USA and Israel and its citizens need to help us. Please use the Comments section below to share your best ideas of what can be done to stop the expansion of anti-Israel activism in America. By now we all recognize that traditional hasbara, telling people about how great Israel is, or sending more liberal students to Israel isn’t enough—if it were, we would not be loosing so badly.

Please no ranting or raving.

About the Author
Mark Bloome lives in Seattle. He is a former corporate president, and now devotes his time to combating BDS in the USA. He works with the Jewish Federation, AMCHA, Brandies Center, and the AJC. Mark also has extensive training in in-depth psychology, and other aspects of the human condition, motivation, and spiritual alignment.
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