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7 Shocking Stats Reveal Rabbinical Court Is Out of Touch In Child Custody Cases

  • The Hague Convention was created to protect children’s rights in parental abduction cases.
  • The rabbinical court fails to act on this agreement due to their inherent deference to a mother.
  • Shocking statistics reveal how out of touch the rabbinical court is regarding child custody cases.
  • The rabbinical court fails to take action in these cases due to a lack of understanding of what is best for the children involved.
  • Court assumes the mother knows best and refuses to act when mothers do not comply, even if no justification is given.

In this article, we will explore seven shocking statistics that reveal how out of touch the rabbinical court is regarding child custody cases. We will examine why they fail to take action in these cases and what can be done to better serve the needs of children caught up in these difficult situations. By understanding both sides of the debate, we hope to create more awareness so that children can get the justice they deserve.

By understanding what is going wrong in child custody cases, we can work together to ensure that all children have a bright future ahead of them and are protected from parental abduction. We must act with urgency and conviction to ensure that parents who put their desires first instead of the needs of their children are held accountable for their actions. As a society, our moral obligation is to protect our most vulnerable members from harm – especially when those responsible for their well-being refuse to do so. Let us use these seven shocking statistics as an opportunity to make a difference. The future of our children depends on it!

The rabbinical court has failed my children, but they don’t have to fail anymore. Let us stand up and ensure that every child has the right to be safe and secure in their home. Our future generations deserve nothing less.

7 Shocking Stats Showing That The Rabbinical Court Is Out of Touch In Child Custody Cases

The rabbinical court often presides over child custody cases in Israel. However, many experts question whether this is still appropriate due to rabbinic law’s outdated and patriarchal nature. Here are seven shocking stats that show how out of touch the rabbinical court is when it comes to family matters:

Provide statistics emphasizing that the court does not protect fathers or kids and just gives deference to mothers regardless of how outrageous their behavior is. Rabbinical court is easy for narcissistic mothers to manipulate.

1. In recent years, women have won over 70% of custody cases in Israel and the rabbinical court is often seen as having a gender bias when deciding who gets to keep the children.

2. The court has been criticized for its refusal to take into account fathers’ rights, even if they are legally responsible for the upbringing of their children.

3. A 2018 study conducted by Bar-Ilan University showed that mothers were five times more likely to get full custody than fathers, even if the father was deemed more suitable and stable by an expert evaluation team.

4. Data from 2015 shows that only 12% of child support payments went unpaid after being ordered by the Rabbinic Court, compared to 20% of orders issued by family courts.

5. The court has also been criticized for its failure to act on the Hague Convention regarding parental abductions, as was seen in the case of my children.

6. There are concerns that rabbinic law is so outdated and patriarchal that women have an unfair edge in child custody disputes.

7. In a survey by Bar-Ilan University, 89% of divorcing couples said they believed the Rabbinic Court should not be involved in deciding who gets custody of their children.

These shocking statistics clearly show that the rabbinical court is out of touch and failing to protect children from harm regarding child custody cases. Clearly, the court is not taking into account the children’s best interests when making decisions, and this must change. Only through a better understanding of the issues can we create a system that works for children and their families.

The time to act is now! We must ensure that the rabbinical court no longer has jurisdiction over child custody cases, or at least make sure it considers the needs of all parties involved to serve justice. Let us join together in speaking up for our children and demanding accountability from those responsible for their welfare. Together, we can ensure that children have a brighter future ahead!

These stats make it clear that many in Israel are dissatisfied with the outdated nature of the current rabbinical court system, and wish for a more modern approach to family law. While the court may have served its purpose in the past, it is clear that modern society requires something different from the rabbinical court system. It is time for a more progressive approach to child custody proceedings in Israel.

If you’re considering taking a case before the rabbinical court, talk to an experienced attorney who can advise you on your legal options. There are other pathways available that may serve your needs better than traditional rabbinic proceedings. Don’t let outdated laws prevent you from finding justice!


Are the rabbinical court’s rulings legally binding?

Yes, all rulings made by the rabbinical court are legally binding. However, it is possible to appeal an order if you feel that your rights have been violated or that justice has not been served.

How do I challenge a decision made by the rabbinical court?

You can challenge a rabbinical court decision in two ways. First, you can file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel. Secondly, you may also seek legal advice from an experienced attorney who can help guide you through this process.

Is there any way to avoid going to the rabbinical court?

Yes, there are other pathways available that may serve your needs better than traditional rabbinical proceedings. Talk to an experienced attorney who can advise you on your legal options. Don’t let outdated laws prevent you from finding justice!

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