9 Things to Know Before Traveling to Israel

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Israel is a land of pleasant surprises, and there are plenty of positive factors about the country which make it a perfect travel destination for tourists. So, if you are planning to book a vacation to this beautiful location with Mighty Travels Premium, here are some of the really good things about Israel that you are bound to witness and experience:

  1. The Bedouin culture continues to thrive in certain parts of Israel

The southern section of the country is home to the sands of the Negev Desert. There’s almost no life or vegetation there, but you will be able to experience the authentic Bedouin life here. One thing that you are sure to enjoy on your trip to this part of the country is the food and the tea served by the fire- a common Bedouin practice in the cold temperatures of the desert.

  1. Israel is a country of hummus

Hummus has become really popular all over the world, but if you are yet to try it, you should have your first bowl of hummus in Israel. Dips are expected to be unhealthy, but hummus is made from chickpeas – which actually make them a tasty diet alternative. In Israel, almost every meal is served with hummus– so there is no way you will be able to miss it.

  1. Israel hosts the second-largest Pride Parade in the world

Israel is actually LGBTQ+ friendly. In Tel Aviv, a huge Pride march is held every year during Pride week, with almost 200,000 people joining the celebrations. The march starts with a colourful parade and ends with a party on the beach. No matter what your orientation is, you are welcome to partake in the fun. We would actually recommend you to plan your trip to Israel around this time- you will not want to miss the fantastic celebrations that happen here during Pride Week.

  1. You can enjoy the second largest Burning Man Festival here- the Midburn

The desert can get vicious during the summers, with temperatures rising to unbearable levels. Yet, this atmosphere somehow manages to attract thousands of people every year for Midburn. Midburn is very similar to the Burning Man Festival of Nevada, USA. It is a 4-day extravaganza, something that you will never forget for sure. Partying in the desert does not get any better than this.

  1. Tel Aviv’s nightlife will blow you away

During the day, Tel Aviv looks like any other commercial capital of the world. But once the sun goes down, the city comes to life. Tel Aviv probably has the most alluring nightlife of all time. There is no dearth of bars or clubs, so don’t worry about missing out on the fun- you’ll get a place for yourself somewhere for sure. The entire city bustles with energy and charm in the evenings, and it is something that you should experience for yourself on your trip to Israel.

  1. Tel Aviv also has a whole lot of themed beaches

The shoreline of Tel Aviv is peppered with beaches, and the city has an impressive number of themed beaches. There are gay because, religious beaches, dog beaches and so on – you name it, you have it. That is why it is always a good idea to ask for directions when you’re travelling in Israel, making sure you mention the type of themed beach that you want to go to.

  1. There is no Uber, but there is Gettaxi!

A lot of people are concerned about the lack of Ubers in Israel. Actually, there is no Uber in Israel, but you can download the local app known as Gettaxi if you want to travel short distances in the city. And for lover journeys, there are really comfortable buses and trains that are readily available. Getting around in Israel, therefore, is not a hassle at all.

  1. Israel has a liberal drugs policy

While drugs are officially forbidden by the law, you will find very liberal use of recreational drugs in the country. You can even smoke marijuana inside a bar without being questioned or penalised. Stronger drugs are available at Midburn, which may be one more reason why you would be interested in participating in the festivities.

  1. Jerusalem will speak to your inner religiosity

A lot of major religions in the world view Jerusalem as their holy city, which is why the place is completely saturated with religion and spirituality. The Western Wall, which is held as most sacred by the Jews is only a few steps away from the tomb of Jesus. For Islamic believers, this place is of importance too. That is why walking through the streets of Jerusalem is a completely otherworldly experience- even non-believers feel a certain holy power when they step inside Jerusalem.

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