Kiley Yanay

A Battle For Humanity

I find myself utterly at a loss for words, grappling with emotions that transcend the boundaries of language. As a writer tasked with the power of expression, I am struggling to encapsulate the profound misery that I am engulfed by at this moment. Just momentarily set aside my identity as a Jew, momentarily set aside the memory of my Israeli father or my Israeli Citizenship, and momentarily the deep-rooted connection I bear for Israel. For a brief moment, think of me as no member of a specific faith or nationality, simply as a human being, I am irreparably shattered.

In my life, I used to ponder the inconceivable horror of the Holocaust – how could humanity descend to such depths of hatred? Today, I stand as a witness to a harrowing truth: I see it happening again, unfolding right before my eyes. It is a chilling reminder that history can tragically repeat itself. To those who believe they remain impartial by abstaining from taking sides, I implore you to consider this: in times such as these, neutrality equates to complicity with evil. If you remain silent in the face of this modern-day atrocity, you unwittingly align yourself with the perpetrators. Silence, inaction, indifference, and denial in the presence of such horrors only perpetuate the cycle of suffering and oppression. We must raise our voices, speak out, and stand against this injustice, for the consequences of our silence are far too grave to bear.

Should you choose inaction, you willingly align yourself with the ranks of the heartless terrorists, shamelessly parading amidst the lifeless bodies of innocent civilians, rejoicing in the horrific slaughter of women, children, and the elderly. Spare me the claim that this is a complex political dilemma, for there is absolutely nothing political or intricate about the senseless murder of blameless civilians, executed in the most callous manner, devoid of any shred of humanity.

There is nothing complex about raping young girls beside their friend’s dead bodies after being hunted like an animal. There is nothing political about torturing and murdering babies and young children. In this stark confrontation, there exists no gray area, no middle ground, only an unwavering battle between the forces of righteousness and wickedness. These vile deeds are nothing short of demonic in nature, and it is profoundly disheartening to witness a disconcerting chorus of voices attempting to interject with the feeble refrain of “Yes, but…” or question the validity in this moment of unspeakable horror. The shock we experienced is not merely at the present; it is also a chilling recognition that history, once more, tragically replays its darkest tunes.

I have always held the unwavering belief that Israel stood as an unconquerable defender of safety for Jews. It is the singular Jewish state, a place where every young man and woman’s destiny entailed military service from the tender age of 18, a land caught in the relentless grip of perpetual conflict. This unique nation, where being Jewish was not the minority, where a vigilant army kept watchful guard amid the ceaseless onslaught of threats from neighbouring countries. I had faith that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had meticulously honed their readiness over the ages; their intelligence apparatus perpetually laboured, soldiers remained in an eternal state of vigilance, and the nation seemed eternally shielded.

This is the one and only Jewish state, a homeland for Jews worldwide to prevent the threat of another Holocaust, a place where the refrain of “Never again” resounded with an unshakable determination. But now, it’s unravelling before us. In one Kibbutz alone, they uncovered the horrific discovery of 40 innocent babies, their lives cruelly extinguished. Babies, in the land, we thought would forever ensure the safety of being Jewish.

This is not merely a conflict, nor is it a clash of opposing forces; it is a sheer massacre, a relentless torrent of suffering and destruction.

I care not for your origins, beliefs, or faith; this transcends all boundaries. It is a battle for humanity itself, a litmus test of our collective conscience. If you remain blind to this undeniable truth, if the stark dichotomy of right versus wrong eludes your grasp, then I am left bewildered, for I know not how to implore you to find the compassion within your heart.

About the Author
Kiley is originally from Canada but spent many years living in Israel. She has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and works as a Freelance Writer.
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