Michelle Moshelian

A brilliant, simple instance of Israeli ingenuity

It was brilliant and yet astonishingly simple…

The media began to report the entry into the Gaza strip of the infantry and/or tanks of the Israeli Defense Forces that had been visibly amassing outside Gaza over recent days. (Even though the Gaza strip is widely thought to be occupied, in reality, there are no Israelis there since the IDF left over 15 years ago.)

The Palestinian Islamic Jihadis rushed into the network of tunnels dotted all over (under) Gaza to get ready for their ambush/attack/self-defense (whatever you want to call it) on the incoming Israeli forces.

But instead of troops actually going into Gaza, the airforce struck these tunnels thus killing unknown numbers of Jihadi combatants while making sure Palestinian civilians would not get caught up in the crossfire (since these tunnels were not accessible for them).

Gaza is a civilian population-dense location, and the terrorists like to store their ammunitions in, and fire their rockets from, civilian locations such as hospitals and schools etc. so as to cause the IDF not to retaliate against the sources of rocket fire, or to maximise casualties of Palestinian civilians if the IDF has no choice but to retaliate, thus maximizing the propaganda value of being able to say Israel targets schools and hospitals in addition to the death toll. (Purposely putting their own civilians in harms’ way is a war crime that no one, not even the self-professed ‘Pro-Palestinians’ who allege to have Palestinian civilians in their best interests, has ever held them accountable for.)

So basically the Jihadis were tricked into leaving the cover of civilian shields, and the IDF was able to easily target combatants while ensuring no civilian casualties in a plan so simple it is reminiscent of kids cartoons where the baddies fall for a stupid trick and the good guys win.

Sadly this was a one-time event of course. They won’t fall for the same trick twice.

These terror tunnels that were targeted cost millions of dollars to build and have cost an unknown number of Palestinian lives of some of those building these tunnels in unsafe conditions. According to a report by Nicolas Pelham, a long-term reporter for The Economist, 130 laborers had died building similar tunnels in just a three-year period. Child labor was rife in building these tunnels so undoubtedly the death tolls include children.

The millions of dollars invested in building these tunnels could have been invested in bomb shelters for Palestinian civilians or in umpteen other ways to benefit the civilians under their charge.

This brings me to my personal experience of recent days….

Over the past few days, we’ve frequently had to rush to the bomb shelter during air raid sirens warning of incoming rockets from Palestinian Islamic terrorists. Imagine you’re doing something as basic as having a shower and you have a matter of seconds to grab a towel, grab your kids, run down a couple of flights of stairs into a bomb shelter.

We don’t have a safe room in our home since the building is too old, but in Israel every new home or building has to have safe rooms built in by law.

I’m proud and relieved that my country does its utmost to protect her citizens (including nearly two million Muslim Israelis) by making bomb shelters obligatory. I pity the Palestinian civilians whose leadership puts their best interests last consistently. (And I’m furious with the self-identifying ‘Pro-Palestinians’ who don’t actually care about the Palestinians enough to be outraged that their own leadership consistently fails to act in their own best interests.)

I’m proud and thankful that the IDF does its utmost to protect both my country’s civilians — and also the civilians of our enemies. We don’t want these wars, but we have no other option, unfortunately.

Thank you to the IDF for protecting us and building the Iron Dome defense system that successfully knocks about 90% of Hamas rockets out of the sky before they reach their targets. … civilians like me.

About the Author
Michelle Moshelian was born and raised in London. She moved to Israel in her twenties and has been a pro-Israeli activist since the second intifada erupted.
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