Miriam Simmonds
Yalla, Geulah!

A Call To Arms

Are You Ready?
Im Ready, Are You?

Don’t worry, it’s a struggle we know well. We’ve succumb, overcome, and still have the victorious battle plans to guide us.

We’re on the edge of forever. These lands are frozen in a moment of time. Like a storm with no sound, a sunset of black and white. Still. A river whose waters are unmoving, not even the smallest drop trickles past the tiny pebbles. Not even the smallest breeze flies through the silent forest; not even the smallest leaves flutters by. Still. Silent. A world frozen, waiting, holdings its breath. Dimmed colours. Even the air seems to be holding its breath, neither cool nor warm. Unfeeling. Empty lands, quiet skies. Silence. Distance. On the edge of forever. Not even a whisper reaches here. The sea moves slowly, but it is soundless. The moon appears, but has no sun to reflect. The forest lives on, but is devoid of its animals. Silence. Not even a bird chirps, not even once, not even a memory of it. This is just a product of thousands of years of broken distance. Do we dare to dream?

For those who dare to look back, it is with horror. We did not walk out of the 20th century unscathed, and the ghost of our European persecution still lurks in the shadows, but perhaps with a different face. Hidden, but equally destructive. Fo we have turned, brother on brother. For we are up in arms, sister on sister. We don’t stop in our quest for justice to think; is what I’m fighting for more valuable to me than my own soul, the shared soul of Israel? This is the shattered remains of thousands of years of disconnect and suffering, but just like the moon that waxes and wanes, our strength was never in always staying whole, but precisely in the climb back up. The moon that is at its smallest before it waxes. So how do we respond?

This is a call to arms.

For the soul of Am Yisrael. Arm yourselves… with tambourines.

Miriam the Prophetess, sister of Aharon, took the drum in her hand and all the women went forth after her with drums and with dances.שמות טו:ב פסוק כ

What was so essential contained in the detail of the celebration of singing and dancing with a תף- a timbrel, that the Talmud in Sotah 11b teaches that that generation of women reached levels of holiness to redeem the people of Israel from the Egyptian exile? It was their deafening, unwavering faith not only in the imminent redemption, but in miracles so great and celebratory, of course they would grab their musical instruments before leaving their homes! This was the resounding difference in the songs between the men and women; the women didn’t doubt the coming of their redemption, and it was precisely that Emunah that ushered it in. They had come prepared. Their unhesitating faith ultimately left no other option.

The Midrash (Vayikra Rabbah 13:5) explains how the Egyptain exile was the prototype for all future exiles, and so too, is its’ redemption. Picking up a tambourine is easy. But keeping one by the door, with overpowering faith, with explosive excitement beginning to celebrate a new era. A dawn that would finally quieten all the noise we don’t even realise we hear anymore. Are we ready to let go?

We are lost. We are confused. But all we need is to want, to truly desire, to yearn for redemption. Do we dare to dream? Really dream, to yearn achingly with every cell in our body, with every beat of our heart and every corner of our mind. To understand how the personal redemption will bless every moment of my individual life, my family, my home, my health, my happiness. Clarity, peace, contentment, creativity, abundance, art, music, success. The beauty is we need only dream. But truly, for;

Mashiach will occur in a generation who’s only merit is their yearning for Mashiach. Sefat Haemet.
R Yehuda Leib Alter of Ger

We have never lived without fear, anxiety, stress, worry, confusion, we don’t even question these aspects of life.  The Chidushei Harim explains that in Egypt too, we were so enslaved we became unaware of our exile and only when we as a people realised this, Hashem could usher in the redemption. It goes on to explain that so to our generation will forget our own exile, and only when we become aware and yearn for more, Hashem can save us.

Living with doubt and uncertainty has integrated so subtlety into our lives over time did we ever stop to question? Unaware of our own exile means an inability to imagine a world where complete understanding and clarity fills the vacuum where once posed every question ever formed across every mind in existence.

Unaware of our own exile looks like a blank expression when asked to picture how your relationships, career, and health would look like in the absence of stress, worry, and fear, which simply cannot coexist in a world of complete clarity.

Unaware of our own exile looks like a people clinging to a world drowning in abundance, confusing luxury with necessity, desperately chasing materialism. We have everything we need except happiness. We have everything we desire except we are a tragically pill-dependant, emotionally unhinged culture rampant of mental illness, eating disorders and the likes. In history, even the richest of kings and queens did not live in the luxury that we do, with heating, lighting, warm food from every country, comfort to the levels we experience… but today are we happy with even that?

Transforming from Galus to Geulah state is to feel Hashems Light flow freely through your veins limitlessly, entirely connecting, entirely infinite. Serenity. אושר. Happiness. א, representing Oneness, that holy connection between our Creator and Divine Soul as we become one, joining at the root. True connection, true happiness.

Right now, how can we comprehend something we’ve possibly never known or seen? We can try, but it can feel close to impossible. We don’t have to; we just need to know it, and to want more. If we dare to.

Do we dare to dream?

בשב ה’ את שיבת ציון, היינו רנה כחלמים. אז ימלא שחוק פינו, ולשוננו
When Hashen will return the captivity of Zion we will be like dreamers. Then will be filled with laughter and our mouth and tongue with glad song.

Tehillim 126

Lightning strikes. The world explodes. The skies open up and endless, insurmountable, mighty mighty light bursts through. The whole world is burning gloriously, we are alight, aflame. But we are not blinded, not burning, for we are of the same essence of light. The whole world erupts. Songs unending, colour bursts through the skies, the trees awaken and dance, the sparks rise and shimmer through the air, finally free of their seemingly unending sleep. The air is shimmering and flying across the worlds. Words come back to us, as does song. We dance to the new tune of the worlds united, never to stop, never to slow. Our souls are ripped wide open as we truly feel again. Raw, unfiltered. The distance of the past is just a small shadow long gone. Just a moment forgotten. The collision of worlds in blissful euphoria unending. Rivers flow, skies sing, storms rage, fires burn. Limitlessly, gloriously. Never to stop or quiten again.

Do we dare to dream? We’re on the edge of forever, time to go home.

All-consuming, pure, goodness spreading through the world like wildfire. Growing only in size and power, and sheer, enormous magnificence. It soars through forests as trees catch alight, singing, shouting out to the heavens their praises to Hashem. It passes through mountains and fields, flies over seas which are now roaring in brilliant, splendour of Your True Presence. Your light is blinding the world, filling every corner, every crack with true might. Healing, love, completion are all that is known to man. There is dancing, singing, disbelief etched upon the very essence of Jerusalem that the Soul of its’ ancient stones has returned. A nation and its Father reunited. Completion. The stars shimmer with glorious, Holy light, the very air is alive and whispering Your name over and over. A whisper that never ends. A tune that will never falter. It will only grow. As will we. In light, in connection, in love. In our sheer euphoria at Your final return.

This is a call to arms; one final act of superhuman irony to put down our weapons and pick up our tambourines.
To yearn, and to believe; It’s tried and tested.

I believe we’re ready, and I’m not alone. There’s an army of women storming the heavens, demanding more.

JOIN our powerful
HEAVEN-QUAKE group of relentless women throughout the world davening for Geulah, storming the heavens in constant 24/7 yearning, desire, and belief!

Around the clock, we will not “let Hashem rest.” Non stop, woman after woman, will speak to Him as a daughter to a father, straight from the heart. Using our own words, we will be relentless and not tire until our Abba comes home!
I’m ready, are you?

We know we can do it, because we’ve done it before.

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Originally from Manchester, England, I moved to Israel in 2018 where I now live with my husband and baby. I feel passionately about all things Torah, Hashem, and spirituality. I love to express this in writing as well as drawing and simply through living. I have a deep love of nature (especially horses!), Israel, learning, and expressing through art.
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