A Convenient Recognition of Genocide?

Turkey is now evil enough, anti-Semitic enough, and anti-Israel enough for Israel to “retaliate” with a recognition of the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. See Taking aim at Turkey, lawmakers propose recognizing Armenian genocide.

One might have thought the systematic extermination of the Armenians, the operational antecedent to the Nazi Holocaust of European Jews, the success of which was enough for Hitler to keep a bust of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in his library, would be worth any state’s recognition, but cynicism reigns supreme.

One might claim, better late than never. Others will note that an Israeli political recognition brings with it a dimension of reparations. If Israel wishes to “retaliate” against what Turkey represents today — and what it has always represented — the Knesset should take this to its logical conclusion and support an international commission to address the damages Armenians have conservatively estimated against the Republic of Turkey and supporting powers, as approaching four trillion dollars. Reparations would include a sliding combination of monetary restitution and return of lands.

Yerevan, Armenia

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David Davidian is a lecturer at the American University of Armenia. He has spent over a decade in technical intelligence analysis at major high technology firms.
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