A Further Memorial To Eliyahu David Kay


Just a few hours ago Friday morning Israel time, my daughter Miriam sent my wife and I a video of her former classmate at Torah Academy School in Johannesburg named Tamar speaking about her nephew Eli Kay. Tamar’s husband is the brother of Eli Kay’s mother Devorah. The video appears at the following link-

Linksfield Shul – Zoom

I must warn you that you will need a large box of tissues because it is so moving.

The most moving part takes place when toward the end of the video, Tamar tells a story while on the plane that brought her to Israel to comfort Eli”s family, about a man who found out why she was on the plane and he became emotional because he said he lost a close relative in a French terrorist attack.

Tamar’s Story Hit Home To Me

That story is of particular interest to me because Thursday night our son Dani and his wife Levonah gave Sheva Brachas to her brother who just had his wedding and also is named Dani. I was sitting only a few seats away from Levonah’s father Dovid, whose family also suffered a terrible tragedy at the hands of terrorists when just outside of Telztone Dovid’s sister Miriam was killed when on 6 July 1989,  a Palestinian terrorist took control of Bus 405 and forced it off the main Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Highway.

The amazing thing is that the Kallah is from Teleztone which suggests to me that this is the way G-d comforts us and that whole family at times of pain and suffering. We just have to leave the timing up to Hashem. Trust And Faith In G-d and being a proud Jew is what we all must strive for.

Because I listened to Tamar’s story, that continues to give me strength to know G-d is constantly watching us and it is G-d and G-d alone who will comfort us as it says in the Haftorah of Parshat Shoftim at the right time.

My Further Thoughts About My Chance Encounter With Bibi at the Kay Shiva House

Thinking further about why Hashem sent Bibi just as we were about to enter the Kay house also gave me a flashback standing at his Bibi’s brother Yoni’s grave in 1977 during my first visit to Israel. You must all recall that Yoni was the only IDF soldier killed in the Entebbe rescue mission.

It made me more determined than ever to stand proudly as a Jew.

To Tamar and Eli’s extended family may we only celebrate Simchas together in future.

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