A Good and Sweet Year to All Nations, With Us

Mount Zion, Jerusalem from Abu Tor

‘MISHNA: At four times the world is judged: On Passover, concerning grain; on Shavuot, concerning fruits of the tree; on Rosh HaShanah, all creatures pass before Him like sheep, as it is said, ‘He Who fashions their hearts alike, Who considers all their deeds’ (Psalms 33:15); and on the Festival [of Sukkot], concerning water.’
— Talmud Bavli, Rosh HaShanah 16a

Greetings from Mount Zion, Jerusalem, all peoples, nations, and languages, in the name of the Most High G-d, HaShem, Who created from one man every nation of mankind that live on the face of the Earth.

And as HaShem says, the name by which He is to be remembered from generation to generation to World to Come is the G-d of Abraham, the G-d of Isaac, and the G-d of Jacob, whom He renamed Israel, and whose descendants He promised to make His treasured possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation, to shine His light upon the nations.

As the psalm says, the Teaching the Children of Israel received from HaShem through His servant Moses, called Torah (Hebrew), is Truth; and as the proverb says, that Truth is Light, which shines in the darkness, through lamps of commandments performed by those on whose hearts the Truth is written.

And as the psalm says, those who love HaShem’s Torah will have great peace, and nothing will make them stumble and fall. Therefore, ‘love the Truth and the Peace’, as HaShem says—the world cannot have one without the other.

As the Torah says, HaShem is the Most High G-d, and He is One. He does not change, and so His Torah does not change. Israel is His Firstborn and pre-eminent Son among the nations, whom He will make the Head. Judah is the lawgiver and leader that HaShem has established in Israel; the Jewish people being those to whom the oracles of G-d are entrusted.

Furthermore, the Land of Israel was given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to their descendants, the Children of Israel, forever. And Jerusalem, the City of Peace, is the Place that HaShem has chosen for a House for His Name — even to the World to Come — to which all nations will flow, and where HaShem will establish the Peace, now that He returns His people to Jerusalem.

All of these have been clearly established by HaShem’s servants the Prophets since ancient times. And thank G-d, in the end, as HaShem foretold, when He saves the Jewish people from the East and from the West and returns them to dwell in the midst of Jerusalem, as is now the case like never before, all nations will realize that G-d is with the Jewish people.

And just as a mixed multitude left Egypt with Israel, all the nations will leave the corruption of This World behind in order to come with us into the Kingdom of Heaven and the Life of the World to Come.

In that day, many nations will join themselves to HaShem and will be His people; and Torah will proceed to the nations from Zion, and the Word of HaShem from Jerusalem, leading to an unprecedented era of peace on Earth with HaShem and man.

In anticipation of this tremendous goodness that HaShem has in store for the world, I was delighted last year, in the 70th year since Israeli Independence, to announce the good news of Rabbi Avraham Goldstein’s intention to establish the first ever Yeshiva (Jewish Torah school) for the nations on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, called The Mount Zion World Peace Center.

Thank G-d, since then, an Israeli non-profit has been established specifically for this purpose, a deposit has been placed on the coming Center’s first Torah scroll, and many nations from around the world have expressed their support and desire to come with us, although much work remains to be done.

With HaShem’s help, through The Mount Zion World Peace Center, truth loving people from all nations will soon find the opportunity to enter into a proper relationship with those to whom the oracles of G-d were entrusted, learning what they must know and hold to in order to come with the Jewish people as the Most High has said.

It seems a fitting time, when all of HaShem’s creatures pass before Him, to invite the people of truth of all the nations, who believe in the Most High and the words of His prophets, beginning with His servant Moses, to consider your deeds, and to realize your fullness is only possible with us.

Therefore, we invite you, dear people of truth, to build a future of Peace with us for all nations on the Truth of HaShem’s Word. If you are willing to learn, our arms are open to embrace you, in the hopes that you will eat the good of the World to Come with us—for all Israel will be saved, together with those who come with us.

Shana Tova Umetuka! A Good and Sweet Year!

About the Author
A Canadian-born Jew, marketing professional, and entrepreneur living in Jerusalem, where he spends his time learning Torah in an Orthodox yeshivah and assisting HaShem's people, especially those who are about HaShem's business, to succeed in marketing, bezrat HaShem.
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