A Hatred That Will Never Destroy Us

It isn’t easy to watch how Jews are attacked once again in the streets of America – just as they are attacked in the streets of Paris and in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

It isn’t easy to see how anti-Semitic attacks have increased in Australia by an increase of 30% this year alone.

It isn’t easy to see how Britons will today vote in an election where one of the candidates is a bonafide anti-Semite who supports those who call for the destruction of the Jewish people.

It isn’t easy to watch world bodies desperate to force our Israel to give away our ancestral lands in which our history has been forged and lands in which our ancestors lie buried.

It isn’t easy to tell our kids that the world we live in is not a place of rainbows and sunbeams, but a place in which our very existence generates a fanatical hatred from all sides of the political spectrum.

And yet, there are still those who cling in desperation to the notion that antisemitism is the sole domain of ‘white nationalists.’ There are still those who cling onto the pathetic coat tails of anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib and others who shout out from the roof tops that ‘white nationalism’ is the only cause of hatred in the world.

There are still those who applaud people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even though she claims Israel is some kind of white supremacist state.

And then there are the so-called soulless Jewish politicians like Bernie Sanders and Andy Levin – whose pathetic desperation for acceptance among the fanatics of the so-called progressives leads them to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the most anti-Semitic politicians and activists the United States has ever seen.

They are all so desperate to cling to a fictitious narrative that says they are the pole bearers of justice and morality and tolerance – when the reality is they are the harbingers of the absolute opposite. They do not bring light to the world, but an evil twisted darkness that threatens all that is good.

The attack on a kosher market in Jersey City is not easy to watch, but it is not a surprise either.

For antisemitism is a force that unites hatred among all. It unites those who are white supremacists and it united those who are islamic fanatics. It unites religious fundamentalist of all colours and it unites secular movements of all colours too.

And while Jews certainly have their supporters who abhor the violence and antisemitism that is being released upon them, it is also a sad indictment of a society that is embracing the very conditions that led to our darkest moments in history.

Ultimately, Jews have two choices against the spiralling tsunami of hatred that is sweeping across the world. We can, as many Jews have, ignore it and side with our enemies in their hatred of Israel, hoping that if we hate Israel enough then maybe…just maybe… people will like us and not bother us for we are the ‘good’ Jews.

Or we have another choice – a choice that doesn’t shy away from who we are, but embraces it fully instead. A choice that says we are proud of who we are.

And that it doesn’t matter if we are religious or not.

It doesn’t matter if our skin is brown or white or black or green.

It doesn’t matter if we live in New York or New Delhi.

The only thing that matters is we are Jews, a people who are both old and young. A people who are proud of our history, of our culture, of our story in the world’s history. A people who stand tall, who do not back away into the dark shadows of corners, but a people who embrace the light instead.

A people who do not turn the other cheek, but face our enemies instead, whether they are neo-nazis, islamic fanatics, BDS fascists or twisted progressives and telling them all in a loud and clear voice: no more!

If you hurt us, we will fight back – for Jewish blood is not cheap and those who shed it will face the wrath of an entire people who will not succumb to their intimidation and their hatred.

We Jews often fight a lot among ourselves, but our shared history and our shared culture and our national homeland of Israel is the cement that binds us across all the eons of time and across all the countries of this world.

Hatred can hurt us and it can maim us too. It can cause us great pain and great sorrow and great suffering, but it will never and it can never destroy us.


About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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