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A Holocaust Survivor’s Desperate Plea

I discovered Zeni on Facebook, I wrote about her on my website-Meet Zeni/I posted about her on Facebook and went to her exhibition in Tel Aviv. So who is she?

Zeni Rozenstein is a Holocaust survivor. Born in the Ukraine just before the start of the Holocaust. She was a pampered young child, before her life was thrown into a nightmare, yet she managed to survive against the odds. She has been living with these traumatic memories for years, and on top of that is struggling to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by the government. She is like many Holocaust survivors who live with indignity of living below the poverty line : (read the article)

However, Zeni does not want to receive charity and instead has been painting her memories of the Holocaust and other themes in order to supplement her meager government stipend and pay for a special hearing aid. She has invited everyone to come and visit her exhibition in Tel Aviv and show your support for a struggling Holocaust survivor. Located at the Ben Ami Gallery: Hahashmal 12, Tel -Aviv Yafo


You can also help fund her cause here.

The problem is that people see things on Facebook or online and don’t take action. We think because we liked a post or used a sad face we’ve done our share. Although I know there are many worthy causes, I feel very close with Zeni and her plight.


This is what she posted on Facebook this evening:

“I thought that the people and my friends are so thoughtful to me they would come and see my work because it’s the only thing that can help me now and me to afford what I need. I just ask you to apologize I thought all my friends from Facebook, would help me and post and share on facebook. I need people to visit the gallery to see what I draw and hear what all my painting have to say. But I guess I was born without success and no luck. Therefore I am very sad I feel like I’m not important to anyone and people because there is no visitors to  my exhibition. I am really frustrated because I thought I was always writing you  stories what I went through my childhood and what I endured and how much I am lacking. I’d need to learn to be like every normal girl and live in a quiet place and not in camp. Where dogs ate the children and because Germans were in my camp. So I was the victim, and other kids like me who barely survived with hunger.  They wouldn’t let us eat and so the night was quiet. We went sneaking out to the backyard to look for garbage cans because we wanted to survive and also were occasionally caught . They beat us brutally.  A lot of stories that I write to you  they are there in the gallery, in what I paint which is why I’m asking you please very respect and give respect that woman that needs you thanks love Zeni”

I think her words speak for themselves, what more can I add. The gallery has allowed her painting to stay in the gallery for just a few more days!  You can also call Zeni to visit her and the gallery.054 461 3680


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