Jacob Nemeth

A Jew In Exile

Designed By Jacob Nemeth

I left home so long ago. Will exile end? I certainly hope so.

It did not seem like I’d be gone for so long, but unfortunately I cannot come back at all. Unexpected tragedies have stopped my return, but I won’t give up hope until I adjourn. I understand why I have to stay away, but I keep on dreaming until this day. Challenging times are very hard, we have a choice to overcome them or be permanently scarred. The world is a beautiful place for all to see, but we have been blinded with hatred; corrupted without ease. A nation toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one that crumbles from within, that’s dead.

Unable to see past our self imposed cast, I hope this torture does not last. Rather than focusing on all which is good, people pointed blame at everyone they could. Power, greed and jealousy has turned our hearts black, and instead of improving ourselves we got a big smack. I am in pain how polarized we got, but the glory days ahead I have not forgot. It is human nature to tear ourselves down, but even more human to bring a smile to a frown.

Above the clouds sunlight shines bright, ready to radiate its happy shine in delight. Exile hurts but it’s all for the best; I wish nothing but clarity for all the rest. We are all on the same team so lets act like one; unification can simply be done. I may sound like a dreamer but I still believe. People are good at heart, it’s true indeed. I want to go home but it may not be time, one day my exile will end just as designed.

The darkest hour is always before dawn, just as the plan was initially drawn. It will all be ok and that’s a guarantee, just take a step back so you can see. Don’t run out of patience just yet oh Zion, for our Father is about to emerge like a Lion. Gratuitous is he who will bring us home, safe and sound under his iron dome. Nothing lasts longer than the spirit of a Jew; we replenish the world like a nice autumn dew. 

Our oppressors are gone yet we are still here, what does an eternal nation have left to fear? We are at the end so don’t break a sweat, we can withstand anything and not feel regret. For us we understand it’s going to be fine, soon we’ll celebrate by drinking fine wine.

I pray for the world to heal all its wounds. Life at times can be very painful, but being alive is truly sensational. Please just know one last thing, it’ll be a time to remember when we finally come together. This family we have, so large and so bright, will one day get the chance to reunite. Our story is legend, the classic tale. Something unique which can turn anyone pale. Just like a full moon, our return is soon, and evil in this world will finally face its doom.

I left home so long ago. Will exile end? I certainly hope so.

About the Author
Jacob is experienced in Israeli advocacy and very passionate to spread awareness for Jewish and Israeli causes.
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