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Roger M. Kaye
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A Last Look at The Games

Not Much Freedom Here (Free to Use Photo by Ekansh Saxena on Unsplash)

On July 19th, the UK government removed nearly all COVID-19 restrictions in what the Prime Minister called “Freedom Day”. Although medical professionals were apprehensive, no more masks and no social distancing is now the order of the day.

Unfortunately, while the public was listening with enthusiasm, there is no evidence that the virus heard the Prime Minister’s words. Indeed, there are signs that the coronavirus is gearing up for another, stronger attack. While we wait for the Delta variant to make its rounds, we should remember that there are no less than 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, room for many more “variants”.

But on Sunday August 8th, with a collective sigh of relief, we will all be able to celebrate another Freedom Day – freedom from the incessant reporting of the Olympic Games.

It is not clear why the media take such an interest in a few people running round in circles. Is it to keep people in ignorance of the world’s many real problems, problems that the politicians have failed to address let alone solve? Or is it simply a matter of money? The Games provide a huge opportunity for the advertising industry. With people glued to their TV screens, the Hidden Persuaders need not hide, they can have a field day!

One of the most enthusiastic supporters of the games is, of course, the coronavirus. Although the Olympic stadium was closed to the public, many people were packed closely together in private homes or pubs, making an ideal environment for the virus to spread. And to make sure that conditions are ideal, these foolish spectators open their mouth and shout out loud every time someone runs yet another circle. What more could a virus wish for?

And, as a final thought as we wait for the closing ceremony, if we are spectators, it follows that the athletes must be making a spectacle of themselves!

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