A Letter Home

Yom Yerushalayim


You are home.

You’re the land I know,

The soil I love,

The place where I



You’re only a tiny dot on the map,

But you’re my entire world.

You’re a land so small,

Yet so much the subject

Of those who seek to destroy us.


You’re the land

In our hearts

And on our minds,

At every hour

of every day.


You’re the land we’ve cherished

for thousands of years;

the land we dream of,

the land we pray for,

the land we will never forget.

You’re the land we come from,

the land to which we will return.


You’re the land that reminds us

that we’ve strayed far from home,

for far too long;

That no matter how comfortable we may feel,

We just don’t belong

Anywhere but



You’re the cobblestone paths

and lush fields

on which my Forefathers journeyed.


The land for which my ancestors fought;

the land that Moses only dreamed of.


You’re the land for which my brothers and sisters

give their lives

each and every day,

with courage,


and valor.


You’re the land that nourishes my senses,

And satiates my soul;

From the breathtaking sights,

Glistening blue waters

and fresh air

to the mouthwatering food.


You’re the land that flows with milk and honey,

The land filled with beautiful trees

and sweet luscious fruits;

The land that never stops giving.


You’re the land that our Father

Promised to us.

A spiritual oasis,

An awakening,


For the heart and soul.


You’re the land that brings our age old Torah

to life.

You’re the symbol of a beautiful love

between a People

and its Creator,

A family.


A nucleus of vibrant Jewish life,

Jewish continuity;

A pillar of the Torah learning that sustains our entire world.


Your’e a center for G-d’s children

from all around the world

to come


to unite,

because we are



You’re the culmination of nearly 3000 years of Jewish history;

You’re the future of our people.


You’re a brilliant testimony

to the never-ending struggle of our nation,

yet a beacon of hope for a people

so small,

yet forever strong–

a people who will continue

to live on.


You’re a symbol of remarkable courage,


You’re a country constantly under attack,

yet one thats never ceases

to give back

to the world

in infinite ways.


You’re the land that makes me

so incredibly


to be a Jew.


You’re a country we’ve built up with

our sweat,


and bare hands;

a land of pure miracles;

a land that never lets me stop believing.


You’re a land of wisdom and scholarship,

Culture and innovation;

a People that never stops achieving.


You’re a society built upon the morals of




and love for one another.


You’re a place of refuge for the Jewish people,

a country that never closes its doors.

You’re home to my family–

near and far:

To my sisters and brothers,


And friends,

No matter where they are.


Jerusalem, I dream of you

I love you,

I yearn to be with you,



And that someday will be soon–

I promise,

When I’ll return home.

When I’ll run into your arms,

And sit high upon your shoulders.


When I’ll rejoice in your gateways

And race through your palace doors

To return to our Father,

Like we once knew.


We’ve forgotten

How it feels to truly be back


With you.


But my heart is always with You,

And I will be back soon,


With all the dear Children

You once held close.


“Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim,

Tishkach Yemini.”

I will never forget you.

About the Author
A high school senior from NYC, Shalva is passionate about politics, Israel, and everything Jewish.
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