Michael Benjamin

A Letter To America

Chutzpah? Of course, it is. But chutzpah is an Israeli trait. As we are inveterate traders, I might as well give you two for the price of one. The primary chutzpah is to pretend my journal is comparable to Alistair Cooke. Weekly, the BBC broadcast his comments and observations on America. A lesser chutzpah, but chutzpah no less, is for little sister, Israel-or is it the little devil- has the chutzpah to address big sister America.

We, in Israel, know asymmetry well. We have witnessed and suffered asymmetrical expectations, morality, warfare, judgment, and condemnations. We look across the Atlantic and see a new asymmetry. The asymmetry of politics. We watch the contest between Trump and Clinton. To us the choice is clear. One is a bigot, serial philanderer, tax avoider and completely inexperienced. The other is highly experienced and has dedicated her whole life to public office and public service. On one there is nothing but blemishes and the other a series of unproven innuendos. She has had to bear the cross of being loyal to her husband in his darkest hours, and of setting up a fund dedicated to improving the lot of humanity. For both acts, she has been pilloried and vilified.

This election, in normal circumstances, should have been a no contest. For some strange reason, seemingly verging on the height of hysteria and stupidity, it is once again in the balance.

What has Clinton done wrong exactly? She used her server at home instead of that of the State Department. It was not done to further any crime or ill-doing. Probably, it was done, with little thought, as an act of convenience. There are security officers in the State Department. What were they doing? Did they know? Why did they not tell her what she was doing was at best inadvisable and at worst illegal? On being told, she immediately made available all the secret documentation that might be on her server. It was an infraction, but it was not illegal. It in no way bars her from the highest office in the land.

The claim, Clinton endangered national-security verges on the farcical. No one breached Clinton’s server.

No one saw material on Clinton’s server.

Someone breached the State Department’s server.

Someone leaked material on the State Department’s server.

Clinton has been the victim of these leaks. In many respects, one could improve America’s national security by storing the State Department’s information on Clinton’s server and not on the so-called safe one.
Clinton, probably, had no idea about the server or the implications. The results of her behavior are zero. Her intentions were not criminal. The State Department’s security is a major issue; Clinton has suffered because of the breach that gave us WIKILEAKS. It is the height of cynicism to pillory her for an infraction of no consequence and ignore the consequences of a very real breach.

One may ask, why is the Clinton Trust accorded a pariah status? Its intentions and results are nothing but laudable.

Why is Trump’s every overt piece of deviant and manipulative behavior categorized as an expected course of nature? Every act that Clinton makes is definitive proof of our very well-defined yet amorphous conspiracy theory where Clinton is the devil incarnate. Why?

America, like it or not, you are the superpower the world needs.

You are the powerwho is going to stand up to a rampant virulent Islam, a hegemonic Putin, and an ailing world economy which only you can lead.

America, you are meant to console and control your allies and lead. If Trump is to be your president, then God help us all.

Wake up and grow up.

You cannot afford this foolishness, nor can we.

About the Author
Born in Leeds in 1944, Michael Benjamin is a retired Psychiatrist and medical auditor, co-founder of Oranit, aspiring author and inveterate cynic.
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