A letter to our hostages

To our hostages,

We know you will not see this, but we want you to know that you are not forgotten.

It is now a new year, and 100+ days of war have now passed. It is frightening to know how much hate we receive as Jews, but we have to fight the lies in order to survive. Our battle cries are only getting louder and louder.

We have not and will not give up on you. The entire world is united behind you and desperately awaiting for your return. Your families, friends, and even complete strangers from around the world are fighting tirelessly to get all of you back.

Posters with your names are being put up all over the world. You are all loved. You are all not forgotten.

People around the world are wearing the color yellow to stand in solidarity with all of you. Your brothers and sisters. Your cousins. Your friends. Even complete strangers. We are all a family. Our hope for your return is only unconditional.

The Jewish people have only continued to remain united in the face of hard times. Our strength and determination is what matters most during this tough time.

We love all of you. We are waiting for you. We are praying for you. We are constantly thinking about you. We will not give up on you. We will not forget you. We will dance again.


About the Author
Perri Schwartz is an activist and writer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She is a 2021-2022 alumnus of the Young Judaea Year Course gap year. She interned with the Israel Daily News Podcast while on Year Course. She is also on the autism spectrum and is super passionate about making the world a better place. You can follow her on Instagram, @thezioprincess.
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