Jacob Nemeth

A Love Note To Israel

2000 years of exile we were away. Now today we came back to forever stay. I missed you so much and I’m happy to be back. Our collective mission is back on track.

The Romans broke our bones but never our spirits. We outlived them because of our ontological merits. From Spain to England we searched for a home. But only in Israel did we find peace under an Iron Dome.

What Israel means to me cannot be put into words. To take for granted the Jewish state would surely be absurd. I love the State of Israel and all its beauty. It saved so many Jews from horrible cruelty. It is a fact that Israel has saved lives, so many generations have now survived.

From facing death in the eyes in Auschwitz just a few years before, to defending our borders in a regional war. Then came another attack in 1967, but another miracle occurred and it felt like heaven. All over the news we became famous, the miracles of Israel were truly tremendous. Israel is the greatest affirmation of life since the splitting of the red sea. We don’t hide this fact so you can also see.

Regardless of its many enemies Israel still tries to make peace, just recently did some hostilities finally cease. Tomorrow will be brighter than today, the world keeps on getting more beautiful like blooming flowers in May.

Everyone should travel here. There’s so much to explore. All the sights I promise you will absolutely adore. From the sunsets in Tel Aviv to the ski slopes up north, there’s something special here so please come forth. Explore Jerusalem and tour the holy land, no better way to see it than visiting firsthand. 

This is my love note to Israel. Whoever would have thought this dream Is-Real. It still seems like a fantasy that the start up capital of the world exists, but the Jewish dream will always persist.

About the Author
Jacob is experienced in Israeli advocacy and very passionate to spread awareness for Jewish and Israeli causes.
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