A Mental Aliyah

With the tragic events of the summer now behind us, many of us living in the diaspora feel we haven’t done enough to contribute to our brothers and sisters in israel. I’m proud to have cousins who fought courageously in the last conflict and during a recent visit to NY, one such cousin shared some anecdotes that illustrated the heroism the IDF exercise on a constant basis to protect the land of Israel.

It’s relatively common to hear from fellow peers in the diaspora about their feelings that their contributions to Israel have been inadequate – and that they feel it to be incumbent upon themselves to do more. Some will even mention on the rare occasion of their dream to one day make aliyah to the holy land.

But these calls have grown in frequency since operation protective edge. Let us all take this opportunity to make a reasonable commitment to ourselves – one that we feel we’ll be able to fulfill. That in the year to come we should all embark on a mental aliyah. Whether that means thinking of our brethren in Israel more often or giving more philanthropically to pro-Israel causes; let’s keep our brothers and sisters in the IDF close in our hearts and in our minds. It means more to them than any of us can possibly imagine.

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Josh Nass is a public relations professional who specializes in crisis communications and reputation management.
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