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A Message for Israel and the World

Time to re-imagine the Two-State Solution perhaps?

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First, who are the Palestinians? They are Arabs living in the land of Canaan, ancient Philistia, Roman Palaestina, or modern Israel as we know it today. In the 1960s Arafat co-opted the term ‘Palestinians’ to refer to the Arabs living in Israel, and thus the modern myth of the Palestinian people was invented, an idea which has taken on a life of its own and which the world has embraced.

Second, the secular West never discusses the spiritual aspect of this struggle, but it ignores this at its peril, for the spiritual dimension is at the heart of this conflict. The god of Islam is Allah; the God of Jews and Christians is the God of Israel. The Muslim cry of “Allahu Akbar,” frequently mistranslated as “God is great,” more accurately means “Allah is greater” (or greatest). But greater than whom? Greater than your God, usually directed at Christians’ and Jews’ God of Israel, but frequently directed by the more ‘zealous’ Muslims (i.e. radicals) at their more moderate, less pious, Muslim brethren. This is the spiritual cause of the conflict.

Third, the ‘Two-State Solution’ has been dead on arrival ever since its first iteration in 1947: Jews accepted it; Arabs rejected it. Jews have accepted every iteration of it ever since, while Arabs/Palestinians have rejected them every single time. Why? Because Palestinians do not want a ‘Two-State Solution.’ They want a ‘One-State Solution’ that is ethnically cleansed of Jews. How else can you interpret their cry “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”?

So if the Two-State Solution has always been dead on arrival, and a One-State Solution ethnically cleansed of Jews is untenable (to everyone except Palestinians and their supporters), why does the West keep trumpeting a Two-State Solution? Because the West believes in democratic values, equal rights, and overall fairness, values that Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy, also shares. But Islam doesn’t share this same mindset. Islam’s goals are world domination, governed under Sharia law. An examination of what Muslims consistently say, backed up by the historical record, attests to this. But the West consistently ignores this for some inexplicable reason.

Jews, Arabs and Christians live peacefully alongside each other in Israel. Under the rules of democracy and equal rights for all, Arabs/Muslims are elected to parliament and become Members of the Knesset; in 2022, Khaled Kabub became the first Arab/Muslim judge to be permanently appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel. Democracy works. The areas of conflict are those where Palestinians want to keep Jews out: Gaza, the West Bank, and the Temple Mount.

In its search for peace, Israel relinquished control of Gaza in 2005. But instead of producing a self-governing state that built infrastructure, schools and hospitals for its citizens, Hamas, elected by its citizens, instead bought rockets to fire into Israel, built tunnels throughout Gaza from which to launch attacks into Israel, and taught its children to hate and kill Jews in summer camps. Senior Hamas official Ghazi Hamad said recently that Hamas would continue to carry out massacres like that of October 7 until the Jewish state is destroyed. In short, Palestinians do not want peace with Israel; they want to kill Jews, and turn Israel into Palestine – controlled and run by the Palestinians, for the Palestinians!

To keep returning to the Two-State Solution is to reinforce Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. But there is a third option: a One-State Solution – governed by Israel!

3,500 years ago Hashem told the children of Israel to “go in and possess the land.” O Israel, have you been called to complete this mission for such a time as this? That the time to unite Israel by possessing Gaza, the West Bank, and the Temple Mount, has come for such a time as this? That your time to arise and shine, your light from Hashem rising upon you, has come for such a time as this? That the time to fulfill your destiny to be a light unto the nations, the time to build the third Temple to be a house of prayer for all nations, indeed – the time to prepare the way for the Messiah – has come for such a time as this!

O Israel, heed not the voice of man – the UN’s anti-Semitic resolutions, world leaders calling on you to refrain from your mission under “humanitarian” guidelines, or world opinion, for there will be no consensus here. You will be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Instead, heed the voice of God, for that is the beginning of wisdom.

Christians worldwide, unite in prayer support of our Jewish brethren, for this is a ‘kairos’ moment in time, one that will determine Israel’s destiny and the destiny of us all. The time has come for Israel to prove to the world that governance under the rules of democracy is the best solution for Israel’s Palestinian citizens. This is Israel’s moment to build infrastructure, schools and hospitals in Gaza and the West Bank for Palestinians, to prove to the world that democracy works, if the world will only let Israel have the chance. The time has come for the third Temple to be built, to be a house of prayer for all nations. The time has come for Israel to recognise her calling, to turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and to step into her destiny.

Arise Israel, for that time is NOW!

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Ray Montgomery, originally from New Zealand, now resides in California. He has been researching Christian and Jewish history since 2008, which led to co-authoring two books on the Christian history of the persecution of Jews. This research inspired the formation of His first solo work discerning biblical and spiritual times and seasons will be published in 2024.
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