Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

A Moment

Sometimes, something happens, and we sit back and contemplate it. We think about it, internalize it. And we say to ourselves, this is a special moment.

Hezbollah has not attacked significantly, even though Israel entered Gaza. When we think about this, we realize that Israel can now focus on one front.

Israel is determinedly engaged in wiping out Hamas. When we think about this, we realize that Israel is now engaged in wiping out Amalek. (Amalek is the nation that attacked the Jewish people after they left Egypt. G-d commanded us to erase Amalek, which includes those who, in subsequent generations, have inherited Amalek’s persona to want to attack the Jewish nation.)

Traditionally, Amalek’s final destruction will take place in the days of Moshiach, when the Jewish people will experience the complete Redemption. Perhaps the current campaign against Hamas, indicates that the time of Moshiach may be very close.

What will the days of Moshiach be like? Well, for one thing, G-dliness, including the G-dly soul within us, will be clearly felt. This includes feeling our intrinsic bond with our fellow Jew (because the souls, which are a part of G-d, are one, since G-d is One). These days the Jewish people are feeling this oneness, with G-d, and with each other. Another special moment to sit back and reflect on.

American aircraft sit off the coasts of Lebanon and Iran, warning Hezbollah and Iran to not attack Israel. A moment to realize how G-d, who controls everything, is protecting the Jewish people.

Moments to sit back and reflect. And to feel confident, that G-d will continue to do miracles for us, including the most wonderful miracle of all, when we will be redeemed, and when the entire world will be filled with peace, and knowledge of G-d.

May it happen now.

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