A Mother’s Prayer

My name is Sara Krengel. I am a Jew.

I live in my ancestral homeland, Israel. My home lies in what some might call the occupied territories,but what I and many historians/archeologists from around the globe call the kingdom of Judah, that existed 3,000 years ago (920 BCE), long before any Palestinians ever stepped foot here. There are archeological digs all around my neighborhood that date back to the first and second Jewish Temples in Jerusalem more than 2,000 years ago.

I am proud of my heritage, and would not trade it for anything or anywhere else in the world. I am also a proud mother of six wonderful children, may they live long, healthy, happy Jewish lives! Living in Israel is one of the best, most meaningful and fulfilling things to have happened to me and my family.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not oblivious to what is happening all around me. I know that the vast majority of Arabs in my country and around the world want to kill me and my entire nation. I know that we face daily threats to our existence. I worry about my children like any other mother does (two of my children were just at the site of multiple Arab terrorist attacks against Jews that left many Jewish children orphaned).

I know the world doesn’t care. That they say nothing when Jews are murdered, but are quick to condemn when a Palestinian is killed — even our “peace partners” hand out candy to celebrate when we are murdered. I tell my children to be safe when they leave the house, knowing full well that there is nothing I can do to protect those dearest to me, whom I love more than anything else in life. I smile peacefully when all my children are safely tucked into their beds in our home, knowing I do not have to worry when I hear sirens or panic when I see the news and try to figure out where everyone is and make sure they are okay.

I also cry, as do all Jews, when my mentors, the Henkins, lose their beloved son and daughter-in-law in a murderous shooting, leaving behind four little orphans. I cry that Rabbi Lavie’s and Aharon Benita’s children no longer have a father who loved them so much. But as Rabbi Amar said after the killings, “We cry, but we are not broken.”

Am I angry? Of course, but not because I am filled with hate and revenge, but because I cannot fathom how such murderous animals could kill such innocent, wonderful people who gave so much to others and whose only “sin” was being a Jew! Do I want revenge? No, I want justice. Do I want to rule over the Arabs? No, I want to live in peace, but as Golda Meir put it “We will have peace with the Arabs when they learn to love their children more than they hate us.”

That is the reason they are investing the billions given to them from all over the world in weaponry instead of housing and quality of life for their children. That is the reason Arab mothers are happy when their children blow themselves up in order to murder Jews. That is why a new mother named her child after the murderous terrorist who stabbed Lavie and Banita to death. And, that is why there are videos circulating around the world (pictured below) of the “cute 4 year old Palestinian terrorist” promising to kill Jews.

So, you might ask, why not live in a calmer neighborhood in the world? Why not try to assimilate and be more like the rest of the non-affiliated world, so as not to be singled out as a target? Why keep going to funerals and shiva calls (visiting and comforting the mourners) that make us so sad and depressed? The answer is that there is no place on earth I would rather be, and no people, nation or religion I would rather be a part of.

We are the chosen people because we have been chosen by G-d to be a beacon of light in this dark, dangerous, destructive and deceitful world. We, the Jews, are here to show the world what morality, family life, truth and justice really are in a G-dly and upstanding world, a world filled with light makes right, not might. Yes, it is true that throughout time, many in the world try to extinguish our existence and our light, but as the famous saying goes ‘If the whole world walked backward, would you walk backward too? I and all my fellow Jews crave peace more than any other nation on earth, for we have always suffered terribly from the lack of it. And so we stand strong and proud, we pray, we cry, we mourn, but we are never broken, for we know in the end we shall succeed.

And as a mother, I pray for the day when I no longer have to worry about my children, or mourn for someone else’s. I pray for the day when we Jews can live in our ancestral homeland in peace, harmony and light and the whole world will be filled with truth, justice and morality. Amen


About the Author
Teacher of Jewish Philosophy, Family Purity, and the Jewish take on dating and marriage; Mikveh Tour Guide; proud mother of 6 AMAZING kids; Rebbetzin; American Israeli who is in love with the Jewish People, Torah and Eretz Yisrael!
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