Vivienne Grace Ziner
Vivienne Grace Ziner

A passionate plea to ‘progressive’ Jews

Dear “Progressive” Jews:

Please understand — this is not about attacking your politics or your belief structure.

After all, we can all agree that wanting to create peace in the Middle East is a very noble and worthwhile endeavor.

We agree with you; we want peace — none of us like war and casualties.

However, the biggest issue on ‘’our’’ side has always been that to achieve peace, you need two sides to sit down and negotiate in good faith. Many of us are of the belief that it is difficult to negotiate with tyrants and despots, those leaders who have cynically kept their peoples’ hostage for eighty years, using them as fodder and as negotiating chips -but be that as it may, you Progressives now have other, more pressing issues for you, collectively, to deal with.

You now have the thorny question of Zionism looming over your heads like a big fat cloud. Yes, I know that even the word “Zionist” makes your bones ache and your stomach heave, but sadly, at this point in time, you have no choice but to deal with the word and its repercussions. Yes, we understand that your erstwhile ‘friends’ have made the word and the concept of Zionism as something akin to eating babies for breakfast, but in reality, please let me remind you of its true meaning.

The definition of Zionism:

“the right of the Jewish people to self -determination in their ancestral homeland, their native and indigenous land of Israel, fulfilling a three thousand-year-old promise to G-d”.

Some of you now have a very serious existential problem.

Those of you who began your journey as initial “progressives” in an era of kumbaya and sweet self-delusion, believed you could espouse your particular nirvana, your version of peace and love in the Middle East by supporting our Palestinian brethren within what some of us believed to be a dangerous, slippery slope of cynical manipulation, of propaganda and lies propagated by Petro dollars and Islamist philosophies.

While you were preaching misleading and misguided doctrines at pulpits in temples and lecturing to receptive minions at Hebrew-ish schools using such inverted statements as “Since when did being a “Liberal” become such a crime’? “, your ‘friends’ were inculcating a dangerous Islamist political ideology that ultimately seeks to deny your-yes, I’m speaking to you- very existence. While some of you believe in some form of Zionism — Lite, a divided Israel, a much- reduced Israel in size and scope, but still an Israel where the Jewish people would have some rights -thank you so much-your ‘friends’ have been planning to create a Judenfrei Israel. (G-d forbid!) And you have been helping them sell their dream!


Now your former ‘friends’ have made it very clear, to you and to the rest of the entire world, that any form of ‘compromise’ is off the table. (It was never really on the table).

Now it is very clear, as it was to most of us from the very beginning, that when they chant their ever-so familiar ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” they are unquestionably speaking about a non -Jewish Israel.

“From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea” is pretty explicit- and when they say “Palestine will be free” — free from what?

Free from whom?

Their murderous, treacherous rulers?

Their doctrine of hate?

Their eighty-year squalor and lost opportunity?

Oh no…they’re saying “free from Jews”.

They have made it very clear that they want all Jews gone from Israel, no questions asked. So, for those of you who still believe that even a toe size part of Israel should be Jewish — welcome over to the ‘bad’ side, the ‘colonizing’ side. The ‘baby killer’ side.

You are now considered a Zionist- and no amount of cajoling or sweet-talking will change that. You see, a Judenfrei Holy Land was always the objective of the ‘other side’. You just provided them legitimacy with your unquestioning loyalty to those who want you dead and gone.

Oh dear. So sad.

You have now been canceled and doxed — just like the rest of us have been for years.

But herein lies the issues the Jewish community are now facing.

Your rhetoric, your posturing, your denigrating of Israel, your delegitimization of the Jewish state has now come back to bite us all in our communal ‘touchas’. Your brilliant diatribes against ‘racist” Israel have now infected a generation of brainless lemmings whose eyes burn bright with nihilistic visions of an Israel without Jews (G-d forbid!). You have created monsters who now laugh at your naivety in believing that Jews and Muslims can live together in peace in Eretz Israel. You have empowered self-hating Jews who are so obtuse they don’t realize that they too shall burn like the rest of us.

After all, next time a Jew-hating crowd comes to your neighborhood and tragically, there will be a next time — do you think they’ll stop and ask” Excuse me, but did you march with Linda Sarsour?” or “Are you for or against a Two-State solution?” and then say “ Oh, o.k.- you’re not a Zionist, we’ll let you pass?”


You’ll burn with the rest of us.

Do you not understand?

This is not- nor was it ever- simply about Israel and the ”Palestine” conflict? Do you not understand that Islamists- those running your organizations and foundations — hate JEWS? Not just Israelis! Can you hear the demands for Jews to relinquish any ties to Israel and Israelis? Can you not hear when they scream “Kill the Jews?”

And still you have idiots within your ranks who stand up and defend them? Like at their bloodthirsty violent rally on May 15th? In defending them, denigrating the pain and angst and hurt suffered by Jews who were violently attacked simply for being Jewish by implying that their statements were hysterical and overinflated? Are you totally deaf, dumb and blind?

Can you not see they don’t need you anymore, they don’t want you anymore, they won’t support you anymore — because they don’t need to anymore.

Your work for them is done.

You know what I’m speaking about.

Unless there is some kind miracle, you are now facing the humiliation and disgrace of being ousted from the dangerous organizations that you naively created.

Oh wait.

I believe that miracles for Jews tend to happen for those who believe in miracles — like believing in the miracle of Israel. I guess that counts you out.

Sorry. No miracles for you.

So, like it or not, now some of you want to come back to the ‘other side”-back to our fold, so to speak.

Here’s the issue.

You see, you have now endangered the rest of us.

Your inflammatory rhetoric, your careless and incendiary remarks about Israel over the years, your passionate defense of those who blithely call for our removal and destruction have long-reaching consequences. You have emboldened those who hate us to attack our children and grandchildren on campuses across Canada, to come to our neighborhoods, threaten our well-being, hurt our children, frighten our people.

Aren’t you so proud of what you have wrought?

So, here’s my question to you and I ask it with full sincerity: did you ever think about where Jews should have gone to live by the time you were through with all your restrictions and concessions and appeasement for Jews in Israel?

If Jews shouldn’t have had the full opportunity to live in Israel in peace without your demands for everything that could hurt Israel — where should Jews live?

Are you feeling so very welcome now in the Canada you have helped shape? Or Europe? Or … anywhere?

You have made our lives so much more dangerous in Canada and around the globe, so please — let us know your thoughts on this question. We are all waiting eagerly for your undoubtedly brilliant response. After all, you have been so determined to be ‘right’ on everything else.

Pray tell — what is your answer here?

In the interim — would you please shut up already?

Stop defending those who hate us- and that ‘us’ my dears, includes you.

Tragically, your collective role will be known throughout history as pathetic, naïve and self-destructive.

History will not be kind to you.

You will be known forever, for all time as the possibly unwitting, but nonetheless, traitorous, devious and quite frankly stupid Jews who helped pry opened the Pandora’s Box of Jew-hatred and assisted in throwing their fellow Jews under the proverbial bus.

Your actions, your statements, your perfidiousness will be seen as what it was.

Shame on you.

One more thing: AM Y’ISROEL CHAI!

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Vivienne Grace Ziner is a vociferous and outspoken activist, advocate, writer and speaker for international human rights, the global advancement of human dignity and the cause of Israel and the Jewish people.
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