Allyson Altit

A personal experience during the terror attack

Intensely terrorizing.
News Warning.
Hamas will attack Tel Aviv and surrounding areas next.
Only one thought.
Our children.
Feeling unprepared.
Sirens begin.
It’s 9 p.m.
Sirens astound.
One minute.
Find cover.
Iron dome interceptions. (those we want to hear)
Overwhelmingly loud.
Too many times.
And again.
It’s 3 a.m.
Wailing Sirens, Explosions and then the Iron Dome Blasting.
My blood pressure-a big problem.
What to worry about first?
Intense shaking.
My husband tried to stop the shaking.
Kids maintain contact.
One with baby doll in tow taking cover in the stairwell.
We crouch in sealed safe room.
It will end.
Pray and Pray more.
Need to find a focus.
A solution to stop the madness.
Thinking of my baby grandchild.
Energy from a baby can conquer it all.
She did it.
Her charm.
Her genuine smile.
Her happiness.
Her Calmness.
Her giggles.
Her deep belly laugh.
Her magnetic eyes.
That face!
My mind uncluttered.
She saved me.
In the middle of all the terror.
I smile.

About the Author
Allyson Altit is from New York. She has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years as a leisure specialist. Her area of expertise is in European destinations and Israel. She has been involved with charity work for the Hadassah organization as well. In 2009 she graduated from Queens College majoring in Jewish studies. She has just completed writing her first novel...
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