J.J Gross

A post mortem to the movie ‘The Post’

If you have even the slightest doubt about liberal hypocrisy, this should silence you for at least five minutes.

Liberal Hollywood’s blockbuster Spielberg (who else) film THE POST is a paean to the nobility and heroism of the late, liberal Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham and her editor Ben Bradley. The film would have us believe these two icons of liberal MSM risked jail time in order to publish the highly classified — and stolen — Pentagon Papers at a time when America was at war. The no less liberal NY Times was also in the process of publishing these purloined documents. Their justification for such openly criminal activity was to give the American citizen the right to know what was going on and, while they were at it, to bury the Nixon White House (which was likely their primary motive).

The beautiful irony — and colossal hypocrisy — is how just as this cinematic eulogy blazes across the world’s movie screens, the very same Washington Post and NY Times come out AGAINST the publication of a four-page document that exposes FBI complicity in an illegal attempt to sabotage a US presidential election and determine its outcome.

So how come these two media avatars of liberalism and openness are suddenly preaching censorship and ‘security’? Hmmmm, let me think … oh, can it possibly be that openness is only good when a Republican White House is the target but it is no good when the target is liberal dogma and outright criminal activity by its cloak and dagger operatives inside the FBI and Obama White House?

But then, liberals have always been hypocrites and closet racists — they always champion minorities so long as it is THEIR ideas of how these minorities should be managed that become policy. Back in the 60s and 70s this meant “The Great Society” whereby white social workers and white sociology professors made billions crafting and managing plans that systematically and totally destroyed the nuclear black family. And today, of course, their plan is to make sure white American laborers — who have had the temerity to not vote in lockstep with Democratic party diktats — are defeated totally via the importing of millions of Hispanics in the expectation of beefing up a dying Democratic party. The Democratic mandarins figure these dumb Spanish-speakers will just fall into line and do the their party’s bidding because, after all, Hispanics are idiots. Except they are not idiots. And as we can see from Cuban Americans and other third and fourth generation Hispanic Americans they are not easy prey for  the forked tongues of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Cherokee warrior chief Elizabeth Warren.

But right now I wish to propose an upside down toast to Steve Spielberg and his buddies in Hollywood and the MSM for their colossal hypocrisy and relentless attempts to further addle the brains of an American populace that they did not succeed in dumbing down to the point where they would elect a Hillary Clinton. And this despite the billions being spent by Hollywood and the MSM to bend America’s citizenry to its nefarious will.

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J.J Gross is a veteran creative director and copywriter, who made aliyah in 2007 from New York. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a lifelong student of Bible and Talmud. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors from Hungary and Slovakia.
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