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Freedom in our time

Amidst final Passover preparations -- and with the kids under foot: a meditation on being truly free
Freedom from and freedom to (illustrative image via Shutterstock)
Freedom from and freedom to (illustrative image via Shutterstock)

As we get caught up in the minutia; the cleaning, the kids at home, the kitniyot/non-kitniyot, the politics (both domestic and national), the kids at home, the shopping, the cooking, the kids at home… I want to squeeze in a moment, a sincere prayer that while we deal with all the things that we must deal with, our souls still get what it is they need this holiday.

Prayer for the Holiday of Freedom

This year I wish for all of us:

Freedom from things that seem important;
to see those that truly are

Freedom from wanting to be everything;
and feeling a failure when we aren’t

Freedom from endless distractions;
so we might tune in and hear

Freedom from ticking clocks;
to hold stolen moments so dear

Freedom from silliness and pride;
Freedom to be humble and wise

Freedom from judgements made;
Freedom from umbrage taken

Freedom from anger and disappointment;
Freedom from thinking things should be different

Freedom from wants perceived as needs;
Freedom from standards impossible to maintain

Freedom from those last five pounds;
Freedom to love ourselves as we strive for better

Freedom from hurts and slights;
Freedom from petty arguments and fights

Freedom from things that hold us back;
Freedom from things that rush us forward

Freedom from influences we shouldn’t allow;
Freedom to accept those we should

Freedom from the minutia;
Freedom to see the big picture

Freedom to learn from mistakes;
Freedom to make new ones

Freedom to know our purpose;
Freedom to pursue it

Freedom to fight for what’s right;
Freedom from taking the pain inside

Freedom to love and laugh and enjoy;
Freedom to let others do the same

Freedom to forgive;
Freedom to accept

Freedom to dialogue;
Freedom to ignore

Freedom to make a friend;
Freedom to let one go

Freedom to sieze the moment
Freedom to let it go by

Freedom to write imperfectly
Freedom to just write

Freedom to love and know we are loved
Freedom to rise above

Freedom to give a hand
Freedom to take a stand

Freedom for us all – every one
For we have all been strangers in a strange land.

Chag Sameach…and feel FREE to add your own!

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Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is a writer and an activist. Cofounder of She loves her people enough to call out the nonsense. See her work at
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