A Prayer In Isolation

This is a prayer for faith and for science
That the sick be healed and fears quelled
That the lives of others take precedence over our own convenience
And that in our stillness, we find gratitude and peace.

A prayer that we value the humanity of all when allocating scarce resources
Recognize that Purell confers no benefit in basements and garages
May there be toilet paper for all
And neither sacrifice nor breath be taken for granted.

May time with family be a gift, and solitude respite
May businesses find their way;
And hustling take a back seat to ethical decision-making
May the market rise in response to our prayers for strong leadership and moral center.

This is a prayer for time spent enjoying who and what we have
For perspective on the small things that chafe our nerves in close quarters
For social distancing to make our hearts grow fonder
That we identify new priorities when seeing what we miss the most.

A prayer that the elderly and immunocompromised be free of illness
And the young take on the sacred charge to keep them safe
That we hold those suffering across the world as “us”
May our voices rise, unified: in panic and praise, protest and mourning, fear and joy.

May the wonder of g-d’s mercy, the care of scientists and medical providers, a government free of motive, and the love of family and community protect us all.

About the Author
Judi Zirin is an attorney and freelance writer in the New York area.
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