A Proposal for the Gaza Problem

The Gaza situation is truly a humanitarian crisis. It has 2.2 million people in an area 10 km wide by 41 km long. The economy is moribund, and the terrible conditions have given rise to a radical leadership. Here is a possible solution to this crisis situation.

Let countries sign up to take in a percentage of the population. If 40 countries sign up, that means about 50,000 people per country. Give the Northern half to Israel, and the Southern half to Egypt.  And then let Israel and Egypt sell the land to developers, to build houses, hotels, and office buildings. Let the proceeds from that sale go the countries as a fund to help them settle the population they are accepting.

There are 66 first world countries. There can be a lottery to see what country each family will be going to. This would be a tremendous boon to the lives of the 2.2 million Gazan people. Their lives will improve immeasurably. Their suffering will be mitigated tremendously.  The 50 or so first world countries will have an opportunity to show their hospitality.  And the fund from the sale of the property will go a long way to pay for their re-settlement.

This plan could be implemented in a matter of days.  The UN could implement the plan.  The 50 or so countries could sign up in a day.  The lottery to determine where each family will be going can be implemented in a few days.  The boats can come and take the people to their new homes.

Even the Hamas leaders would benefit, because they won’t have to lose their lives for the atrocities that they committed.

So, let’s do it.   Let the US propose this resolution at the UN.  It can be fully implemented in a week, with the Gazan people traveling to their new homes.  Sometimes the most intractable problems can be simply solved if looked at from a different perspective.

About the Author
Akiva Lane grew up in New York. He lived in Monsey with his family for 18 years, and made Aliyah to Ramat Beit Shemesh in 2004. He is a computer programmer — mainly connecting Java to mainframes — and is also an inventor, having invented and patented a perpetual calendar and a foldable bookstand - . He also has some interesting websites , & He can be reached at
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