Bipin Shah
Bipin Shah

A Quick shift in American foreign policies

There is a concern among Americans and their allies that the “Bipartisan Approach of Formulation of Foreign Policies” that was the hallmark of the post-world war era is being set aside due to domestic political divisions, especially when there is a change of power from one political party to another. The transition and handover are rough, rancorous, and divisive.

US Congress has abandoned their “War Power” responsibilities and their traditional role in guiding the administration or policymakers that long-term trajectory and planning will restore stability and cooperation among allies and partners. This is important for a key and powerful democracy that has maintained the leadership role and contributed to the Geopolitical stability that brought the world to increasing prosperity, particularly in China, India, Israel, Brazil, and few other countries of Asia.

The drastic short-term changes regardless of tactical necessity will damage the alliance against rising powers from the east that have developed increased military capabilities and are working towards undermining the world’s democracies. They are never shy of using all tools at their disposal such as “debt-trap” lending, using terror sponsor proxy states, territorial expansion with smaller border states and frivolous claims on open seas, curtailing freedom of expression, and wolf warrior diplomacy. They believe that these methods will get them what they want. Their financial support to certain states that sponsor terror proxies is also furthering their agendas. This amounts to an assault on the world’s democracies.

The future outlook for terror around the globe has worsened since the Afghan pullout and the US administration’s plan to join Iran nuclear agreement. United Nations is as useless as it has been for decades with few powers dominating their agendas. The prime example is it has failed to pursue and find the real cause of the covid pandemic that had killed millions throughout the world while disrupting the world’s economies.

As seen from the air attack launched on targeted terrorists who planted the car bomb that cost Americans and untold Afghan lives at Kabul airport did not turn out to be a very effective remedy under the promised Doha peace agreement. We need to find better ways to eliminate terrors by punishing state sponsors.  Afghan pull-out appears to be hastily arranged with key facilities and heavy equipment left behind, where some of them will be used against innocent civilians and may fall into terrorists’ hands to create mischief elsewhere. The world had changed since President Obama has left the white house and present policymakers need to understand this change and recognize the emerging nexus against the world’s democracies.

Taliban’s victory was celebrated in every street of Pakistan, a state sponsor of terror that brought about the humiliation to the United States in Afghanistan. Pakistan, a double-dealer in the art of terror played both hands. The same thing happened in Iraq when Iranians engineered a similar approach.

The Indian State of Kashmir where localized infiltration across the border continues to disturb the peace and safety of all citizens. Just during the last week, the targeted killing against Hindu citizens cost the lives of five people sponsored by the Interservice Agency Of Pakistan. Two terrorists were caught by Indian defense forces and were eliminated. However, Indian defense forces are still not pursuing the collaborators, who are providing logistical support to these terrorists. The collaborators include some politicians.

Colonel Herzog of IDF weighed in a comment section of Times of India that also echos my thought that the Indian army needs to go further and take this fight to dismantle terror infrastructure that includes supporters and politicians, who provide shelters and other logistics within and near the Line of control.

In other words, the only way to deal with this problem, India needs to set up a special military/Terrorism court to deal with these elements to bypass their overburdened civilian judiciary that shows increasing bias towards liberty at the cost of safety of their citizens. Indian Army believes that Pakistan is using drones to supply these infiltrators. The most disturbing outcome is the plight of the Hindu Pandit community that had returned to their ancestor’s homeland are now pondering to migrate somewhere else. What the Indian government needs to do is to borrow a page from Israel and created a safe zone with proper security cover and arm the Hindu communities that are affected by adverse demography.

Can we trust these rogue actors to ensure peace and safety to our citizens living at the border regions of India and Israel, the two most affected countries in the world? The answer is no. India and Israel have no choice but to develop their own “hard power” options to deter these people, who wish us harm.

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