A Real Jerusalemite

I’ve fallen in love with this city.
With the streets and the lights and the hills that need to be conquered each and every morning
With the stones
Heavy with the weight of generations past and questions of the future.

I’ve fallen in love with the struggle in the contradictions:

I hate the kotel. It signifies pain and oppression.
It still restricts how I can pray.
But I love that I have the kotel to pray at.

I hate the religious monopoly. It claims only one way to be Jewish.
To keep kosher. To keep shabbat. To dress.
But I love that “have a good weekend” is just Shabbat Shalom.

Jerusalem is the epicenter of everything that is wrong with this country.

But a real Jerusalemite doesn’t need to chant racist chants today. You don’t need to parade through the Muslim Quarter looking for a fight. You don’t need to assert your authority as a majority.

To a real Jerusalemite, every day is Jerusalem day. Every day is a day to be better. Every day is a day to believe in what this city can be.

Jerusalem is the epicenter of everything that could be right.

Join us tonight in three languages, Believing that there’s a better future for Jerusalem.

About the Author
Sara Miriam Liben holds a B.A in Sociology from Columbia University and a B.A in Women and Gender Studies in Judaism from The Jewish Theological Seminary. She is interested in nonprofit consulting and creating a pluralistic Jewish future in Israel and the Diaspora. An avid coffee drinker, she welcomes you to continue the conversation over a cup of joe in Jerusalem where she currently resides.
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