A Real Peace with a Palestinian Nation

Sometimes the best way to teach someone a lesson is to let them have their way. God treats us like that. He told us that Israel was not to be counted among the nations. Balaam prophesied, “For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.” (Numbers 23:9 KJV) So, what did we do? As soon as we became a modern nation we joined the UN, exactly what we were not to do! Now we suffer under their irresponsible, bigoted behavior. God let us have what we wanted and it has been only bad for us.

So, let’s try the same on the Palestinian Arabs who want to have their own country next to ours. Let’s call their bluff and tell them that we’d be happy to help them establish nationhood; the sooner the better. Give them a contiguous country to include Gaza. Get the UN to approve their statehood. The world will be eager and happy to finally make it a reality.

Then, after they become a nation, they will have to behave themselves. As a sovereign nation, if they attack another sovereign nation, like Israel, it is a different ball game. The UN cannot support that behavior. Israel will be able to defend itself and take land if necessary. In such a battle we would be within our rights to seize all their weaponry since they will have proven themselves to be irresponsible with it. If Iran, a sovereign nation, would attack Israel, Israel would be free to destroy the government offices in Tehran and all other strategic sites. That’s why they don’t attack us.

The way it works now is that when the PLO, an organization – not a sovereign nation – attacks Israel, the world understands that it is simply trying to fight for its own country. The nations give them billions of dollars to comfort and encourage them in their victimhood. Because it is not a sovereign nation, Israel can only bomb certain sites where it won’t cause any harm. If the sovereign Nation of Palestine would shoot missiles from Gaza, Israel would be allowed to wipe out its missiles and launching capabilities; and sue them for the damages they caused to Israeli life and property. The world could not say anything against Israel. In fact, the UN would have to condemn the Nation of Palestine and it would have to suffer sanctions, like Iran, for behaving badly toward another sovereign nation. Why do you think Lebanon has not attacked Israel? Because they do not want to pay the price.
Can you imagine a greater or more righteous punishment for the PLO and PA? If the process gets started in earnest, the corrupt leaders will start to scurry out of sight, taking all their precious wealth with them into hiding. None of them would want to organize a government responsible to its people and respectful to its neighbor nations. The Palestinian Nation would be expected to behave itself, establish a productive society, pay for its own terrorists’ salaries if that’s what they want to do, and especially not remain a donor organization. They would have to govern themselves, pay their bills and stop perpetuating one disgusting peace processes after another to maintain their precious victimhood status.

They want to be a nation? Let them be a nation. Force it on them. When the dust settles, we will either have a peaceful neighbor who does not ever want to start a war with us, or we’ll have a totally diminished neighbor who will not be able to attack us ever again.

Let’s stop the game and establish real peace.

About the Author
Describing their life as an adventure with God, Yeriel and his wife Gabrielah, met God while living far out in the wilderness of Alaska, then followed His leading to eventually go to Romania where they spent six years doing social work and helping the elderly Jews of the Falticeni/Suceava area before making aliyah. When they made aliyah they gave up their other citizenships, claiming Israel as their only home.
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