A Refreshing Re-Start to American-Israeli Relations

After eight years of a frosty relationship with Israel, those of us in the pro-Israel community from both sides of the aisle ought to be delighted with what can only be described as a refreshing re-start on relations between America and its loan friend and ally in the Middle East. Certainly, if we are to make the judgement based on Nikki Haley’s recent action at the United Nations – one would be left to draw the conclusion that Israel is finally in good hands – at least I, Nadia Kiderman would posit that.

Then of course, there were the speeches given at AIPAC by Vice President Pence, and Nikki Haley. One could only have the justified take-away that this administration is ready to defend Israel at every turn, when so needed. As someone myself, who is a registered independent and certainly had my own reservations about what a Trump Presidency would look like – I, Nadia Kiderman can say without equivocation, that I’m beginning to feel like for Israel, few things could possibly be better than a President Trump.

Then there is of course, David Friedman – the unapologetic defender on the state of Israel, and defender of what the media and anti-Israel folks too often refer to as “settlements,” which are instead simply apartment houses built by Israelis on land that belongs to Israel. The fact that President Trump chose Mr. Friedman to be our nation’s ambassador to the state of Israel speaks volumes – and it should not go unnoticed. All supporters of Israel, left and right-leaning ought to commend President Trump for all he’s done in support of Israel, thus far. In Nadia Kiderman, he certainly has one such pro-Israel supporter willing to graciously thank him for his supportive decisions.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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