A reply to Oxfam’s Catherine Essoyan blog on the re-building of Gaza

Catherine Essoyan is Regional Director of OXFAM, a UK based charity that is a regular critical of Israel

Dear Catherine,

I first read your blog on both the Daily Telegraph website and then I had to check I had read it correctly so I read it again on Oxfam’s website. I had to check that what I first read was your actual words as I was so shocked at such a biased piece from someone in the position of Director at an esteemed charity such as OXFAM.

Why biased you may ask? Because its main thrust lays the blame firmly at the feet of Israel for as you say ‘Gaza is blockaded by Israel’ and OXFAM is ‘calling for the end of the blockade that has been in place for nearly eight years’. What you fail to point out in your blog is that the blockade was only put in place by Israel when Hamas commenced firing rockets into Israel, prior to that the boarder was open and goods were freely moving across it. You also fail to point out that the Gaza’s southern border with Egypt has been completely closed for many months preventing ANY goods or building materials to enter. So Catherine, maybe now you understand why I accuse you of bias?

I expect the above makes those who read your blog and support the work of OXFAM truly believe the suffering of Gaza’s civilians is wholly the fault of Israel. Is this something new for OXFAM? Well those that follow OXFAM closely know this isn’t the case as OXFAM are a constant critic of Israel whilst defending Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Of course we are all tremendously concerned that innocent civilians in Gaza are suffering and not able to re-build their homes, schools and hospitals. We should also be concerned at what building materials that do enter Gaza are actually used for. I suggest you take a look at this link to find out.

Why hasn’t your blog informed your OXFAM supporters of what building material are actually used for? Are you totally blind to the fact that Hamas controls Gaza with an iron fist, that Hamas, so called democratically elected are now seven years into what was supposed to be a four year term and that Hamas has killed more of its own civilians in maintaining their grip on power than any Israeli action towards Gaza?

Unfortunately Catherine in promoting these biased views OXFAM only causes to extend the suffering of Gazan’s because not telling the truth is actually supporting the hideous and heinous rule of Hamas and it is Hamas and Hamas alone that is the reason why at the current rate it will take over 100 years to re-build Gaza.

What’s annoying is that Israel wants Gaza rebuilt, Egypt wants Gaza rebuilt, Gaza’s civilians want Gaza rebuilt but Hamas couldn’t care less, indeed they are happy to let the world believe its all the fault of the Zionists and you are willing to help them!



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Howard Klineberg is an English Jew who has always been passionately supporting Israel. At just 16 years of age his late father prevented him going on tour to Israel as he knew Howard probably wouldn't have returned to the UK. Howard is a member of the Leeds Lobby Network who work on numerous campaigns supporting Israel, recently Howard was instrumental in persuading his local member of the UK Parliament to resign from his party's friends of Palestine group.
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